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Sometimes we choose to stay inside and sometimes inclement weather, illness, or another situation makes it necessary to spend time indoors. Whatever the reason, sheltering in your home becomes enjoyable with indoor activities. In this article, we have indoor activities for kids and adults, as well as indoor games for kids, pre-schoolers through teens. Our suggestions take almost nothing in the way of preplanning or additional equipment. Read on to find your favourites and enjoy indoor time.

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  • 2 Indoor Activities for Adults
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  • 4 Indoor Games for Pre-schoolers
  • 5 Indoor Games for Older Kids
  • 6 Indoor Games for Teens
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Indoor Activities for Kids

When kids are home for any length of time, we hear, “I’m bored!” or “There’s nothing to do.” Staying inside can be fun with the right indoor activity. We have games, art and hobby activities, crafts, and other suggestions guaranteed to keep the kids busy and happy.

  • Bake something with a mix (to make it easier).
  • Put on some favourite kid’s music and cuddle up with a good book.
  • Make microwave popcorn and watch an animated movie.
  • Write some cheerful notes to share with residents in a local elderly care centre.
  • Play a game of freeze dance using a playlist of kid’s songs.
  • Blow up some balloons and play keep away.
  • Get out the Legos or building blocks and create a city.
  • Create some paper bag puppets and have a puppet show.
  • Make a fort under a table or behind a couch with pillows and blankets.
  • Fill the bathtub or sink and get out some toys and play in the water.
  • Get out a board game and challenge your siblings or parents.
  • Set up a jigsaw puzzle on an out-of-the-way table.
  • Build an indoor obstacle course with toys and furniture.
  • Have a karaoke or dance contest.
  • Move the furniture back and play Red Light-Green Light or Leapfrog.
  • Get dressed up in your best clothes and have a tea party.
  • Get out all the toy cars and trucks and make a racetrack with tape on the floor.
  • Dress up all the dolls in their best outfits.
  • Organize school papers and make a scrapbook of your best ones.
  • Ask your parents if you can rearrange the furniture in your room.
  • Play with your pet, if you have one.
  • Teach your pet a new trick.
  • Get out the art supplies and get creative.
  • Grab your colouring books and choose a favourite picture to colour and post on your wall.
  • Make a craft out of a recyclable such as an egg carton. (Ask your parents if they will find one for you on the Internet.)
  • Save seeds from fruit and plant them in paper cups.
  • Call a friend or relative for a chat.
  • Make paper airplanes and practice landing them on a tape landing strip.
  • Play a video game you haven’t tried yet.
  • Watch a kid’s podcast.
  • Bounce a ball against the wall and catch it.
  • Sit down and have a nice, long chat with a parent and maybe tell jokes to each other.

Indoor Activities for Adults

Even adults can get bored if time must be spent indoors. We have a list of fun indoor activities for adults, some relaxing and some providing or requiring extra energy.

  • Work on a puzzle
    Choose a jigsaw, Sudoku, crossword, or another type.
  • Begin a blog.
    Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts and ideas with others.
  • Give yourself a facial.
    Recipes for face masks using fruit, veggies, eggs, and other on-hand ingredients abound on the Internet. Find one for your skin type to mix up and try.
  • Take a long, relaxing bath, perhaps with soft music and candles.
    Bath oils, a bath bomb, or bubble bath added to hot water provides a luxurious soak.
  • Try cooking a new and special dish for dinner.
    Pull out your favourite ingredients, find a recipe, or get creative and make up your own. Add candles and your best china and silver for a truly special meal.
  • Have an indoor picnic.
    Make sandwiches, grab some chips and canned soda, put a blanket on the floor and have lunch alone or with the family.
  • Colour.
    Pull out a colouring book you have, print colouring pages from the Internet, or create freehand.
  • Start a windowsill garden of herbs.
    Use to-go food containers to start seeds, then transfer to pots.
  • Give yourself a manicure and/or pedicure.
    Soak in soapy water, towel dry, trim nails, and finish with your favourite polish.
  • Get creative with crafts.
    Search the internet for craft ideas using recyclables.
  • Watch a classic movie.
    Make popcorn and find an old Hitchcock mystery, John Wayne western, or another genre for viewing.
  • Binge on a TV show.
    Those “thirty-minute” shows are much shorter without commercials, so binge watch an old favourite.
  • Read a book.
    It is fun to grab a book, a large glass or cup of your favourite drink, curl up in a comfy chair and read for hours.
  • Play a video game.
    Even if you seldom play video games, doing so can be a fun way to pass the time alone, with one of your kids, or your mate.
  • Shop online.
    Just be sure to set a limit ahead of time on how much you want to spend.
  • Make a smoothie.
    Blend your favourite fruits or veggies with ice and some juice or milk to create a soothing and healthy drink.
  • Bake something.
    Pull out the cookbooks and find something yummy to bake, or try your hand at bread making.
  • Play board games with your mate and/or kids.
    Pull out a favourite board game and get someone to join you.
  • Play solitaire.
    If there is no one to play with, try a game of solitaire.
  • Listen to a podcast.
    We all have a topic we would like to know more about. Search for a podcast or two and expand your knowledge.
  • Have an at-home workout.
    Purchase or get out a stored video or find an on-line group and exercise.
  • Plan and execute a DYI home project.
    You can start small. What about cleaning and refreshing kitchen cupboard doors or putting more shelving in the pantry?
  • Declutter a room.
    Decluttering a room is more achievable than a whole house. You can start small with the laundry room or one area of a room.
  • Create a picture album.
    Everyone has pictures in drawers that need arranging. Create a themed album or one with school pictures arranged chronologically for one of your kids.
  • Write.
    It is said everyone has a book inside, so write yours. It may be a how-to, a novel, or a collection of memories.
  • Clean out the garage.
    Garages frequently become places to stow stuff. Get rid of anything you haven’t needed in the last year and rearrange tools, bikes, and boxes.

Indoor Games for Kids

Rainy days, hot days, and days when kids cannot go out for whatever reason can be long and boring. We have a collection of indoor games for kids that are simple, fun, and help pass the time. Some can be played alone, some with siblings, and some with a parent. We have divided the list into those for pre-schoolers, older kids, and teens. You are sure to find the perfect game for your kid(s), regardless of age or interests.

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Indoor Games for Pre-schoolers

Little minds need simple games, but pre-schoolers like activity. Our selection of indoor games for pre-schoolers matches their skill level while requiring little preparation. Some your little one can complete quickly, while many are designed to keep your little one occupied for a long period of time. Clear an area for the more active games and have fun!

  • Indoor Obstacle Course
    Use pillows, couch cushions, ottomans, and throw rugs to create a soft and safe obstacle course for pre-schoolers to jump, crawl, and somersault through.
  • Keep the Balloon Up
    Simple and fun, the goal of this game is to keep a blown-up balloon from touching the floor.
  • Sensory Boxes
    Pre-schoolers love learning about the world around them, and sensory boxes satisfy that curiosity. Create a touch-and-feel box with dry food such a rice and pasta or use natural objects like leaves, small stones, acorns, and large seeds.
  • Sorting
    Your pre-schooler can sort buttons by sizes, spools of thread by colour, and toys by type. Provide bins or create areas on a table top with tape.
  • Bubble Blowing
    Turn bubble blowing into an indoor game with a plastic covered table, bowls of dish soap and straws for blowing. (Remind them not to suck up the soapy water!)
  • I Spy
    A fun guessing game, I Spy works with one or many children. You can vary the game by saying, “I spy something _________ (colour, shape, size, feel, etc.)”
  • Balancing on a “Balance Beam”
    Use painter’s tape to create a line on the floor or carpet. Have the kid(s) walk, jump, or walk backwards down the line.
  • Tape Maze
    Create a simple tape maze kids can walk through. Alternatively, let them kick or bounce a ball through the maze.
  • Object hunt
    In a relatively clean area, hide small objects in the same category around the room for kids to hunt. Suggestions include small stuffed animals, toy cars, and plastic figures of people or animals.
  • Puzzle Hunt
    To vary the game above, hide pieces of a large jigsaw puzzle and have the kids bring the pieces as they find them and assemble the puzzle.
  • Musical “Chairs”
    Use pieces of coloured construction paper taped to the ground for a pre-school friendly game of musical chairs. When the music stops, each child must be on a coloured square. The child without a spot is out.

Indoor Games for Older Kids

School-aged kids enjoy a bit more complicated and time consuming game than pre-schoolers. Most of the games on our list of indoor games for older kids can be adapted for pre-teens and teens.

  • Race Track
    Create a race track with tape for miniature cars and trucks. For even more fun, let the tape wind around and under furniture.
  • Sock Games
    Have the kids create balls from clean, unmatched socks and then play one of the following:
    Sock Basketball
    Use a laundry basket or cardboard box to practice shooting. See how far back you can stand and still make a basket shot.
    Sock Hockey
    Tip your laundry basket or cardboard box sideways for hockey goal shots.
    Sock Toss
    Cut holes of various sizes and shapes in a cardboard box and assign points to each. Throw your socks and keep score. For variety, try a small ball or stuffed toy instead of socks.
    Sock War
    Set up barriers and get your siblings or parents to have a sock war with you.
  • Hot Potato
    Use any item that is soft and easy to pass for a fun game of Hot Potato. The goal is to not get caught holding the item when the music stops. You will need to enlist siblings or parents for this fun game.
  • Indoor Bowling
    Any item that will stand alone and tip easily when hit will work for indoor bowling. Try empty plastic water bottles or inverted plastic cups. Any small ball will work for knocking over the “pins.”
  • Card Games
    Play a classic card game, such as Canasta, Rum, or Spades with a parent or your siblings. If you are alone, play Solitaire.
  • Paper Games
    All you need is paper and a pen or pencil to play Hangman, Tic-tac-toe, or Dots and Boxes. Add dice and play Cootie.

Indoor Games for Teens

Finding indoor games for your teens can be challenging. They seem to want to spend all their time on their phones or video games. We have suggested a few ways to use those electronics. However, we have also found a selection of indoor games for teens to help them pass the time on hot summer days or whenever they are caught at home.

  • Play charades.
  • Watch a scary movie.
  • Set up a card table and play a challenging board game
  • Play a card game with a sibling or family member.
  • Play solitaire.
  • Set up dominoes and knock them down.
  • Play a new video game.
  • Play Hide and Seek in the dark.
  • Set up and have a scavenger hunt.
  • Set up an obstacle course and run it blindfolded.
  • Play “camp out” indoors complete with tent and sleeping bag.
  • Play balloon or sock soccer or basketball.

You don’t need a big house or lots of equipment to keep all the members of the family occupied and having fun when indoors. Be sure to move furniture and breakables out of the way for the more active games we have listed here. Try inviting friends and neighbours to join you for some of the games requiring more than one person. As for our indoor activities, most are individual activities, however, you can ask someone to join you for many of them. Whether you choose to be alone or have siblings or parents join you, HAVE FUN!

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How do you make a scavenger hunt with clues for adults? ›

The most common way to give treasure hunt clues is to create a trail, so that the answer to one clue reveals the next one. You can either write the riddle on a piece of paper hidden at the chosen location, or enter the puzzles into an online treasure hunt app that gives clues one by one.

What am I who am I game? ›

Who Am I? is a guessing game where players use yes or no questions to guess the identity of a famous person or animal. Questions are based upon the characteristics of a person or animal everyone will be able to identify.

What are good clues for a scavenger hunt? ›

21 of the Best Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Kids
  • Pillow. Soft and plump, I'll be right here. ...
  • Potato. I have eyes but I can't see, ...
  • Candle. I may not be wicked—but I have a wick. ...
  • Mirror. In my reflection, ...
  • Kitchen or dining room table. I have four legs, but don't have feet. ...
  • Dryer. In the basement, clothes are dirty, ...
  • Car. ...
  • Closet.
7 Mar 2021

How do you play the paper game pants? ›

PANTS. PANTS stands for Place, Animal, Name, Thing, and Score. To play this game, one of you—or a person not playing the game—picks a random letter from the alphabet. Players then list down a place, animal, name and thing that starts with the chosen letter as fast as they can.

How do you plan an adult indoor scavenger hunt? ›

To play an indoor scavenger hunt, first give everyone a list of all the items to be found, riddles to guess, and challenges to make. Divide people into groups or let each participant do their quest individually. Set the game rules and let everyone complete the scavenger hunt as fast as they can.

How do you make an indoor treasure hunt? ›

At Home Treasure Hunt Instructions for parents
  1. Give Clue #1 to your child. #2 under your child's bed. #3 next to an egg. #4 under a pillow. #5 under a lamp. #6 under the soap. #8 in the bookshelf. #9 in the toilet paper. ...
  2. Hide a treasure (or a small gift) somewhere near the couch.
16 Jan 2017

How do you do an indoor scavenger hunt? ›

How to Make an Indoor Scavenger Hunt
  1. Decide whether to write a single checklist or to hide the clues. ...
  2. Choose a scavenger hunt theme. ...
  3. Write your scavenger hunt list. ...
  4. Hide the items around the house. ...
  5. Share the hunting rules. ...
  6. Set a time limit for searching. ...
  7. Encourage kids to work as a team. ...
  8. End with a snack break.
4 Feb 2021

Who am I name? ›

“Who Am I?” Names List
  • Snow White.
  • Snoopy.
  • Scooby Doo.
  • John Wayne.
  • Anne Hathaway.
  • Duke Ellington.
  • Madonna.
  • Superman.
15 Apr 2019

What is my name icebreaker? ›

This is a famous entertaining game were a player must guess the name written on a card by asking closed questions where the answers can be “yes” or “no”. The objective is to find the name as quickly as possible. Many variations can be used to bias the exercise based on your specific training needs.

Who am I post it game? ›

Who Am I. Each member of the group picks a famous, well-known person and writes it on a Post-it® Note. The name should be kept secret. Each person then takes their Post-it® Note and attaches it to another person's back.

What has words but Cannot speak? ›

The answer to the What has Words but Never Speaks Riddle is "A book".

How should a 7 year old organize a treasure hunt? ›

Here's how to have a treasure hunt:
  1. Plan the hunt first. ...
  2. Draw pictures for each of the clues. ...
  3. Hide the treasure and the clues while your child is supervised somewhere else.
  4. When you're ready, tell your child it's time for the treasure hunt. ...
  5. Talk with your child about the treasure hunt.
11 May 2020

How long should a scavenger hunt be? ›

Create a time limit for the scavenger hunt. We recommend between 10 to 15 minutes. But if you have a long list and a larger group, make sure they have ample time to search their homes. Once the time is up, have everyone re-gather, and the person or team with the most points wins!

How do you play true love? ›

how to play “TRUE LOVE” #shorts - YouTube

What is blind drawing game? ›

Blind drawing requires 2 players to sit back to back. One player is given a picture of an object or word. This person has to describe the image verbally to the first person to sketch it out!

How do you play new indoor games? ›

10 Indoor games to play with your kids
  1. I spy: This is an excellent game for younger kids as it helps them learn letters of the alphabet, form words, and understand things around them. ...
  2. Hide-and-seek: ...
  3. Simon says: ...
  4. Musical chairs: ...
  5. Scavenger hunt: ...
  6. Charades: ...
  7. Scrabble/Boggle:
  8. Pictionary:
18 Sept 2018

How do you play games like fire? ›

How to Play "Flame" - YouTube

How do u play MASH? ›

Lifehacker. How to Play MASH - YouTube

How do you play name place thing and animal? ›

You then have 60 seconds to think of a “Name”, a “Place”, an “Animal” and a “Thing” — and note down words for each of those categories, but only words that begin with that letter. The person who gets the most correct answers over the course of the game wins. Easy enough!

How do you make a scavenger hunt more fun? ›

Here's a quick how-to and some tips for a happy hunting!
  1. Plan your route. ...
  2. Scout out locations. ...
  3. Write and number the clues, and put them in numbered envelopes. ...
  4. Give yourself lots of time to plan. ...
  5. Get helpers' buy-in. ...
  6. Set it up. ...
  7. Prepare for contingencies. ...
  8. Add in some random rewards to keep things interesting.
29 Jun 2018

What is scavenger hunt activity? ›

A scavenger hunt is an activity that has participants go around collecting different items and performing different activities or challenges from a predetermined list. A treasure hunt, although similar, typically involves participants finding clues one at a time.

How do you plan a 10 year old treasure hunt? ›

How to Plan a Treasure Hunt for Kids
  1. Choose a location for your treasure hunt for kids. ...
  2. Choose a theme and format for your kid's treasure hunt. ...
  3. Decide where you will hide your treasure, and work backwards. ...
  4. Create your kids' treasure hunt clues. ...
  5. Do a final treasure hunt run-through.

Where do I hide the scavenger hunt clues? ›

Once you know the general area for your scavenger hunt, look for hiding places. Qualities of a good hiding place include: Places to stash a clue where it will stay put: a pocket or the pages of a book or inside a container. Things with a story or memory attached, like a favorite picture, nook or book.

How do you make a treasure trail? ›

Route and directions

Look at a local map of your area. Highlight the key treasures that you would like your treasure hunters to look for. Label your treasures, 1,2,3,4,5 in order so that you can plot a route in between them. Decide whether you want to use a map in your final trail or just your directions.

How do you plan a scavenger hunt for kids? ›

How to Plan a Scavenger Hunt For Kids with Chris Pegula - YouTube

How do you do a romantic scavenger hunt? ›

Decide on the length of the scavenger hunt: 15-20 minutes as a prelude to your date night or a special surprise – aim for 4-8 clues, set up around the house or walking distance. 1-2 hours, where the scavenger hunt is the date – aim for 5-20 clues, starting with a handful around the house and then leading on from there.

Who am I list ideas? ›

Possible ideas for themes are:
  • Celebrities.
  • Famous people in literature.
  • Disney characters.
  • Sports and athletes.
  • Dead people.
  • Children's TV characters.
  • Fictional characters.
  • People from a particular country.
21 Jan 2018

What are some icebreaker questions? ›

Great Icebreaker Questions
  • What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?
  • When you die, what do you want to be remembered for?
  • What is your favorite item you've bought this year?
  • What would be the most surprising scientific discovery imaginable?
  • What is your absolute dream job?
17 Sept 2021

How do you play celebrity heads? ›

Each participant may ask the audience one 'Yes' or 'No' question at a time. The participants continue to ask questions until they have correctly identified the celebrity. The first participant to correctly identify the name of their celebrity wins. Continue until everyone has guessed their identity.

What is in a name game? ›

The Name Game (also known as the Adjective Game) starts with one person in the room picking a word that describes himself or herself as a person. The catch is, that the word must start with the first letter of their first name.

How do you play name that person? ›

Name That Person, Place, Thing Card Game from Intex Entertainment Inc.

How do you play sticky notes? ›

This game is pretty simple. Each player gets a sticky note stuck to their forehead with the name of a famous person. Each player has to guess the name of the person on their own forehead by asking everyone else simple “yes” or “no” questions. It can be questions such as: Am I a female?

What gets wet when drying? ›

The answer to the riddle is “a towel”.

It is a bath towel because the more it dries, the wetter it becomes.

What has a thumb and four fingers? ›

The answer to the above riddle is a glove.

What has a head but no body? ›

What has a head and a tail, but no body? - from brainfans ... Answer: A coin... Tricky riddles, Riddles, Brain teasers.

How do you write a clue for kids treasure hunt? ›

Home scavenger hunt clues and hints for kids
  • I'm in the kitchen, and you'll never eat me, ...
  • Give me a tap and I'll give you some suds, ...
  • I've got buttons and numbers, and can give things a zap, ...
  • I get cold, but my door twin gets colder, ...
  • I take your food and return it to you hotter, ...
  • I'll give you cubes and cold creamy treats,
15 Apr 2020

How do I make a treasure map? ›

How To Make DIY Treasure Map | Easy Kids Crafts - YouTube

How many items should be on a scavenger hunt? ›

Try to have no more than 10 items. It might also be a good idea to include a picture of the item, in case some of the players are still learning how to read. For older children, use large fonts and lots of colors, but omit the pictures. Put between 10 and 15 items on your list.

How do you end a scavenger hunt? ›

End your scavenger hunt with a surprise, like a piece of candy, a small toy or even someone's birthday gift.

What is the difference between a scavenger hunt? ›

Definition. A scavenger hunt is a game where players compete to obtain the most items from a list of specific items. A treasure hunt, on the other hand, is a game similar to a scavenger hunt, but it involves following a series of clues to find an object or objects.

What can I do with a pen? ›

Managing Director Unplugged Brand…
  1. for writing.
  2. as a straw.
  3. as a toy "telescope" for kids.
  4. to unlock a bike lock.
  5. to make a crossbow.
  6. for an improvised tracheotomy (on TV, anyway)
  7. as a paper punch.
  8. to store & pass secret messages (pop out the tube of ink, insert a small paper scroll, put ink back)
16 Apr 2020

What can I make with pen? ›

The pen is mightier than the sword, everyone knows that.
Scroll down to see five favorite DIY uses for pens that, even though they no longer write, should not be written off.
11 Dec 2018

What can you do with an empty pen? ›

5 Ways to Reuse Old Writing Utensils
  1. Step 1: Cup Holder. If you have a bunch of pens that are slim, try making them into a penholder. ...
  2. Step 2: Money Holder. Are you one of those people who like to keep cash on hand for a rainy day? ...
  3. Step 3: Cord Preserver. ...
  4. Step 4: Plant Markers. ...
  5. Step 5: Watercolors.

What should I do with extra pens? ›

The easiest way to recycle pens is to send them to TerraCycle's Writing Instrument Brigade. The program is sponsored by pen manufacturers Sharpie and Paper Mate, so you can return all their products through the program. That includes pens and pen caps, highlighters, markers and mechanical pencils.

How do you recycle old pencils? ›

Pencils and colored pencils can be recycled as long as they're made from real, untreated wood. Remove the eraser and metal ferrule first and then recycle the pieces separately. Mechanical pencils cannot be recycled.

What can I do with old markers and pencils? ›

5 Surprising Ways To Reuse Old Pencils
  1. Donating to those who need it most. ...
  2. Making Jewelry. ...
  3. Creating Art. ...
  4. Stick for Seedlings. ...
  5. Making Birdhouses For Your Pet Birds.

How do I sell a pen? ›

How to sell a pen in an interview
  1. Ask the interviewer about their job. ...
  2. Establish a link between the interviewer's job and the product. ...
  3. Highlight the emotional value of the product. ...
  4. Convince them that they need the product. ...
  5. Close the deal by selling them the product. ...
  6. Focus on how the pen can benefit the interviewer.
2 Aug 2021

How can I make my pen Fluffy? ›

5 DIY BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPLIES! Notebooks, Bookmarks, Fluffy Pens ...

How do you make a homemade stylus? ›

Make a 2-minute stylus - YouTube

How do you make a stylus without water? ›

Pretty much anything wrapped in foil can work as a stylus. A pencil or pen wrapped in foil is probably the simplest example. Just tear off a piece of foil that is about 3-4 inches long. Then roll it onto the pencil leaving about an inch of foil sticking out past the eraser.

What is an old pen called? ›

Dip pens emerged in the early 19th century, when they replaced quill pens and, in some parts of the world, reed pens. Dip pens were generally used before the development of fountain pens in the later 19th century, and are now mainly used in illustration, calligraphy, and comics.

How do you recycle colored pencils? ›

Another way to recycle pens, pencils, markers and highlighters is to send them directly to TerraCycle. This recycling program collects nonrecyclables or hard-to-recycle waste and converts them into materials and products.

Does BIC recycle pencils? ›

Through the BIC® Stationery Recycling Program, consumers can now send in all brands of pens, markers, mechanical pencils, highlighters, glue sticks, watercolor dispensers and paint sets to be recycled for free.

Where do you store pencils? ›

Store upright, in jars - best for pencils, not so great for pens (which should be stored horizontally) Store horizontally in a wine rack.

Is plastic bowl can be recycled? ›

Solution : Plastic toys, carry bags, ball point pens, plastic bowls, plastic covering on electrical wires and plastic chairs can be recycled.

Can erasers be recycled? ›

Creative Recycling or Reuse

Aside from shavings themselves, you could take a massive amount of unspent erasers and chop them up, turning them into rubber mulch for projects with the specific need. You cannot reuse an eraser because of the way they are used, if fully used.


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