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Heritage & Archaeology work is specialist and requires experts to ensure your project is properly supported, whatever the size, wherever in the UK.

Our team is fully equipped to handle your heritage and archaeological requirements from a single storey extension to a large-scale infrastructure project.

Our wealth of experience, combined with our approachable, straight talking, can do attitude make us easy to work with and rely upon.

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Craig Huddart BA (Hons) MCIfA - Managing Director

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Craig is an approachable, vastly experienced archaeology and heritage consultant and practitioner with numerous years' experience within the industry. Craig has significant and notable experience in managing diverse and complicated large scale infrastructure projects and works on behalf of a multitude of clients in a variety of sectors.

Craig has managed a number of high value schemes across the UK, with the value often in excess of £1 billion - he oversees and manages renewables projects, large scale residential and mixed use developments, energy and utilities projects, whilst also taking the time to look after individuals or smaller schemes.

He has managed and overseen several multi-disciplinary schemes, taking responsibility for multiple disciplines.

Craig has a strong focus on client and stakeholder engagement, working closely with clients and tailoring projects to suit their varying needs.

Craig has a strong fieldwork background and has overseen and reported on a multitude of sites across the UK and has authored site reports, large scale assessment reports, publications and journal articles.

Craig has worked extensively across the UK on a variety of site types and ranges of complexity, both within field archaeology and consultancy, but has also lived and worked in North and South America. As Managing Director of Rocket Heritage & Archaeology, Craig is responsible for the daily operations of the company, ensuring the development and continued growth of the business.

Craig is a Group Director for The Rocket Group, and Director of Rocket Ecology. This ensures that the architectural, construction, ecology and surveying arms of the group work efficiently alongside Rocket Heritage & Archaeology.

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Natasha Powers BSc MSc MCMI MCIfA FSA - Director

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Natasha is a highly qualified consultant, archaeologist and osteologist with more than 25 years’ experience in the sector.She is skilled in managing complex and sensitive cultural heritage work, and successfully negotiating for the client with local planning advisors and advisory bodies such as Historic England.

Natasha has considerable experience in managing, producing and assuring a wide range of heritage documents in support of planning, including desk-based assessments, heritage statements, EIA, written schemes of investigation, project designs and technical reports.

She has published on a wide variety of topics and periods andprovides advice on legal, ethical and practical matters concerning burials.

Prior to joining Rocket she was an Associate Director with a large multidisciplinary consultancy, managing the work of the Cultural Heritage teams in Scotland and across the north of England, to deliver built heritage and archaeology services nationally.

This included work on major infrastructure projects for clients such as HS2 and National Highways, and residential schemes for Homes England, as well as smaller schemes for individual developers and public bodies.

She also carried out technical assurance for clients, and provided expert support to Local Planning Authorities.

Natasha has worked throughout the UK and Ireland, for commercial companies, charities and museums, and is a key member of the heritage team for the ‘First Berliners’ project in Germany.

In a varied career she has excavated on a huge range of sites, designed an award-winning training programme for early career archaeologists from non-academic backgrounds, managed MOLA’s (Museum of London Archaeology) human osteology, zooarchaeology and botany teams, co-authored the Home Office standards and guidance for forensic archaeology, and contributed to a number of TV programmes.She is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Bradford.

Natasha is a Group Director for The Rocket Group and Director of Rocket Ecology.

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Anthony Boyce - Director

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Anthony has a passion for all things property. An architectural technologist with a background in planning, structural engineering, architecture & building surveying by trade, he is now one of the group directors at Rocket, heading up the Architectural team.

He enjoys nothing more than working with existing buildings and bringing them back to life through restoration or conversion. Anthony has been involved with projects ranging from scheduled monuments through to UNESCO heritage sites, with all the "easier" stuff in between. He also develops his own property projects, so brings a unique perspective to working with and around heritage assets.

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Dr Greg Bremner - Regional Director, Scotland

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Greg is a Glaswegian economist and academic, who holds a PhD for his research on the macroeconomic consequences faced by countries that rely for their income on exporting their exhaustible natural resources, notably oil and gas. Having held lectureships at several universities, most recently in Qatar for Aberdeen University, he has also worked in oil-abundant sub-Saharan countries, delivering 'crash-courses' on oil and gas economics to civil servants, government officials, investors and university students.

Apart from oil and gas, he has undertaken and supervised a variety of commercial research projects, proposals and impact studies for a diverse client base that includes charities, boutique whisky businesses and private education providers and, having spent ten years lecturing at Dundee's Abertay University, he has a long-standing research and advisory involvement in Dundee's video games industry.

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Liz Murray MCIfA - Technical Director, Archaeology and Heritage

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Liz has over 18 years of experience within commercial archaeology and environmental consultancy, covering buried archaeology, built heritage and historic landscapes. She is a member of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (MCIfA) and sits on their Advisory Council. Liz has produced, overseen and quality assured a wide variety of documents including HIA, desk-based assessments, scoping reports, cultural heritage chapters for EIA, and Environmental Assessment Reports (EAR). Her experience crosses a broad spectrum of sectors including infrastructure, housing and public realm and tween 2017 and 2023 Liz was Deputy Technical Lead for Historic Environment for HS2 Phase 2B.

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Eilidh Barr - Project Officer

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Originally from Scotland, Eilidh has an undergraduate degree in marine archaeology and a post-graduate qualification in forensic archaeology. For the past 4 years she has worked as an Assistant supervisor and Supervisor on sites across the UK and has experience overseeing trial trenching and excavations, including working on sites for #HS2, the A14 and the Lower Thames Crossing.

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Rachel Pearson - Heritage Consultant

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Rachel hails from the Pacific Northwest but is no stranger to the United Kingdom. Having earned her undergraduate degree from St Andrews and attended Newcastle University for her master’s education. Always up for a challenge, Rachel has gained a wide variety of experience in the heritage sector, working in numerous archives, museums and libraries over the years. Her first love has always been archaeology, however, and she, along with her trusty trowel, have been lucky enough to participate in projects in the United States, England and Greece. These opportunities have immersed her in research which spans a variety of time periods and geographical areas, including Prohibition-era Seattle, Palaeolithic Oklahoma, Medieval Britain, and Byzantine North Africa. Her latest research focuses on the usefulness of satellites in the preservation of endangered archaeology and involves the study of declassified Cold War imagery.

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Constance Durgeat - Senior Archaeology Consultant

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Constance graduated from the Sorbonne University in Paris with undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and has an MA in archaeology from the University of York. She has worked in commercial archaeology for more than 10 years, working across the UK on a variety of sites, but also has a strong research background, directing archaeological excavations at Bamburgh Castle for the last decade and undertaking teaching and mentoring work for several archaeological organisations in northern England.

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Dr Adam Goodfellow - Trainee Project Supervisor

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Adam recently completed his PhD at Durham University where he previously undertook his undergraduate degree, before completing a Masters at Oxford. He is an experienced field archaeologist who has worked on a range of sites in eastern and northern England, achieving professional standards of excavation and recording, at a speed suitable for the commercial environment. His archaeological experience includes processing finds and environmental samples, carrying out magnetometer survey and recording standing buildings and structures. He has also led adult education session on Anglo-Saxon life at Bede's World and worked as a volunteer at Mickelgate Bar Museum in York and at Winchester Castle. He is currently a student member of CIfA and the CBA.

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Charlie Whiles - Project Archaeologist

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Charlie undertakes site excavation and recording and was our first trainee to undergo the trainee archaeologist scheme here at Rocket, being promoted at the end of 2022. Charlie has a passion for prehistory - the older the better!

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Lizzie Underhill - Project Archaeologist

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Lizzie graduated from the University of York with a BSc in Archaeology in 2020 and is currently in the process of completing a Masters in Field Archaeology. Lizzie is passionate about communicating archaeology and making heritage accessible to all.She joined the Rocket team as a Trainee Archaeologist in June 2022 and developed her skills, completeing her traineeship at the end of the year.Communicating archaeology and making the past accessible to all is something Lizzie is really passionate about.

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Barney Warren - Project Archaeologist

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Barney started working with us after asking about volunteering and gaining experience, and we were pleased to be able to say yes. Barney worked hard and demonstrated a real aptitude for the profession. That hard work has paid off and he joined us as full time member of the team.

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John Garner-Project Archaeologist

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John has had a varied career, working for central and local government and most recently as one of a team of gardeners maintaining a 15 acre formal garden on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors. His lifelong interest in archaeology led him to become involved in a variety of voluntary and training projects in North Yorkshire and the Pennines, but he had difficulties in securing a full-time role as he had not completed a degree in archaeology. His many transferable skills and familiarity with the demands of working in a physical occupation in all weathers, make him an ideal member of the team.

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Daphne Blumer - Executive PA

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Daphne oversees administrative functions for the Rocket Group and provides executive assistance to the Directors.

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Harry Hepworth - Project Archaeologist

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After completing a Diploma in Classics, Ancient History and Eqyptology at Swansea University, Harry worked as a field technicaian for a large archaeological contractor carrying out fieldwork for HS2. Harry has also worked in several roles caring for vulnerable adults.

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Katie Gerrard - Administrator

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Katie is Rocket Group's Administrator, based across our offices in Darlington and Barnard Castle and is responsible for logistics, invoicing and general administration.

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Anna Wyatt-Moy - Administrator

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Anna has spent much of her career working within the construction and development industry. Whilst travelling the world, she spent some time in New Zealand working as the PA to the Director of Marketing & Communications for Auckland Regional Transport Authority. She has completedHNC Building Studies, Eco-Homes Assessor, Project Management & Planning Supervisor (CDM) Courses, and NVQ, BTEC, and RSA in business administration.

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