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Take a detour in the Golden Apple Archipelago to find Phantasmal Conch shells in Genshin Impact's Resonating Visions event. This Genshin conch locations guide includes maps of every Phantasmal Conch location in the Golden Apple Archipelago.

Similar to the Echoing Conch hunt in 2021's Midsummer Island Adventure, Resonating Visions tasks you with finding a new set of conch shells to earn rewards - including Fischl's new costume, Ein Immernachtstraum.


Genshin Impact All Phantasmal Conch Locations

  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  • Day 4
  • Day 5

Genshin Impact Misplaced Conch Locations

Three Conches are also Misplaced Conches, used for an additional quest on the Golden Apple Archipelago.

  • Misplaced Conch 1 can be found on Minacious Isle, on a rock high up on the west of the island at the location above.
  • Misplaced Conch 2 is hidden in a cave on Broken Isle.
  • Misplaced Conch 3 is in a well surrounded by birds on Twinning Isle.

See below for more specific details on finding Misplaced Conches 2 and 3!

How to Start Resonating Visions

Resonating Visions began July 15, the same day as the Surfpiercer event, and to start it, you need to complete the Summertime Odyssey I quest. To unlock that, you must:

  • Be Adventure Rank 32 or above
  • Completed Archon Quest "Chapter II: Prologue - Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves"
  • Completed Mona's Story Quest (adjusted down to AR 32 for the duration of 2.8)

Phantasmal Conch Locations - Day One

Just like the first Midsummer Island Adventure, you get access to new parts of the Golden Apple Archipelago as the event progresses. On the first day, you can get 14 Phantasmal Conches through exploration. Here is every Phantasmal Conch location for day one of the Resonating Visions event.

Phantasmal Conch Locations - Day Two

The 15th Phantasmal Conch is in the final phase of Kazuha's domain quest, As the Courtyard in Spring Once Appeared.


Phantasmal Conch Locations - Day 3

The 16th Phantasmal Conch can be found after completing the Blazin' Trails domain, accessed via the drum in Broken Isle. Re-enter the domain. You should begin in front of the Frozen Soul flower, but if not, activate the updraft near the Blazing Heart flower to get back up there. Enter the door to the right of the Frozen Soul flower's chamber.

You wind up in a new Domain with a few straightforward Melodic Bloom puzzles and, at the end, face two Stonehide Lawachurls. Once the fight ends, follow the Electro heron to a new room, and hit the drum.

Open the Luxurious Chest nearby first before the shifting vines cover it up!

The drum creates a new path and unblocks the device that activates the Melodic Blooms, which will unseal the final chamber in this area. For now, take the path up and enter another Domain.

In this one, you face two Geo slimes and two Pyro slimes. Continue moving forward until you reach a large square platform. Turn the bloom in the center so it faces the large bloom at the side to activate another updraft, which shoots you up onto the rock where the conch shell is.

Misplaced Conch 2

The 17th Phantasmal Conch is also Misplaced Conch 2, and is found on Broken Isle. After completing the Blazin' Trails quest, return to the drum. Instead of entering Xinyan's Domain again, interact with the drum to change the mountain sizes. The western mountain - on your right, if you face Broken Isle - should be shorter than the eastern one.

Go to the western isle in the chamber where you found a water vein during the quest. There's a cave now, so head inside. Activate the Pyro torches to unlock the Pyro pillar, then activate that to lower the water level in the chamber beyond.

Light the pyro torch on your left, near the Common Chest. The next two torches are near the pillar and then along the path behind it, leading to the door. Opent he door to find the final torch.

Make sure to activate the switch to open the metal door here before you go!

The conch is resting on a lantern at the bottom of the chamber. If you want the three luxurious chests - and of course you do - teleport back to the drum, and adjust the island sizes again. Enter the cave where the metal door previously blocked your way, go through the special door, and activate the Melodic Blooms to remove the barrier.

Phantasmal Conch Locations - Day 4


The 18th Phantasmal Conch is in Immernachtreich Apokalypse, which you can access during Fischl's Immernachtreich Keep domain. It's in the second part of the quest, when you head back into the Domain. After completing the first

After you correctly adjust the Gaze of the Deep to repair the path, head up the stairs and along the battlements, and you'll see the conch ahead on a bench with flowers.

The 19th Phantasmal Conch is Misplaced Conch 3, and is also on the Twinning Isle, along the eastern shoreline on the northernmost island. You'll need to find a well surrounded by three ravens.

The well only appears after you complete Immernactreich Apokalypse.

Talk to them, and throw three stones inside the well to push the conch to the surface.

Phantasmal Conch Locations - Day 5

Mona's Domain houses the final Phantasmal Conch,Sojourner's Song 3 but you can only access it after completing Summertime Odyssey V. Enter the Ancient Azure Stars Domain again, and place the following Asterism Shards:

Upper Fragment
Lower Fragment

Head under the door, and you eventually end up in a chamber where you must match the constellation pattern on the wall using a set of devices on the floor. Do this three times.

At the end, the final constellation is an arrow pointing to a corner of the room. Investigate this corner, and then you uncover another chamber with the Conch sitting on a pedestal inside.

That's the final Phantasmal Conch, but there's still more to do in Summertime Odyssey!

Resonating Visions Rewards

Alongside Fischl's new skin, you can get quite a bit more for finding Phantasmal Conch shells.

Conch Shells RequiredReward
4 Phantasmal Conch Shells80 Primogems
40,000 Mora
4 Guide to Freedom
8 Phantasmal Conch Shells80 Primogems
40,000 Mora
4 Guide to Resistance
12 Phantasmal Conch Shells80 Primogems
40,000 Mora
4 Guide to Ballad
16 Phantasmal Conch Shells80 Primogems
40,000 Mora
4 Hero's Wit
Receive Fishcl's new costume
20 Phantasmal Conch Shells40,000 Mora
8 Hero's Wit
8 Mystic Enhancement Ore

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