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Universalizing religion

Attempt to be global to appeal to all people wherever they may live in the world, not just to those of one culture or location

Ethnic religion

Appeal primarily of one of people living in one place


Belief that God doesn’t exsist


Belief that nothing can be known about weather God exists

World percent of Roman Catholics


World percent of Protestants


World percent of Orthodox


Regarding Eastern Orthodox churches, how many separate churches are there, and which has the largest membership

•The Russian Orthodox Church

What percentage of Latin Americans are Roman Catholic


Protestants comprise 28% of North Americans. List the five largest denominations

Roman Catholic

Half of the worlds Muslims live in the Middle East. The other have live in four countries outside the Middle East. Name them


Percentage of Sunni
Percentage of Shiite


Only in four countries do Shiite Muslims number more than Sunni. What are they?


Mahayanas percent of global Buddhist population and regions of predominance

China, Japan, and Korea

Theravadas percent of global Buddhist population and regions of predominance

Sri Lanka, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar

Tantrayana percent of global Buddhist population and regions of predominance

Tibet and Mongolia

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Why were Buddhists difficult to count?

Only few people participate in Buddhist institutions

Where were Hindus concentrated? What percentage of all Hindus live there? Where are the rest



Prescribed a series of ethical principles for the orderly conduct of daily life


Cannot be comprehended by reason and knowledge because not everything is a noble


Little is known about the religions because written documents haven’t come down from ancestors


They believe that inanimate objects of natural events have this great spirits and conscious life


Most reside in Brazil


First recorded religion to expose monotheism Abraham is the patriarch of Judaism

What are the four noble truths?

• all living beings must endure suffering
• suffering which is caused by a desire to live leads to reincarnation
• The goal of all existence is escape suffering and that unless I go a ring carnation into nirvana which is achieved through mental and moral self-purification
• Nirvana is attained through an eight fold path which includes rightness of believe resolve speech action livelihood effort thought and meditation

What to ancient peoples believes blended to form Hinduism


Give three explanations for the diffusion of Christianity

Relocation diffusion
Contagious diffusion
Hierarchal diffusion

Give three ways in which Islam spread

Relocation diffusion
Muslim armies

Shintoism and Buddhism blended in?


African practices and Christianity blended in?


Namibia, Equatorial ginea, Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity blended in?

The islands of Mairitaus

How was it’s distribution very different from other ethnic religion

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Practiced in many countries


When the Romans force the Jews to move around the world

How were most Jews treated as they lived among the nationalities

They were persecuted

What is the origin of the term ghetto

In Venice Italy a reference to the cities Foundery for metalcasting district

In what two ways is a religious structures often stand out in the landscape

Burial of the dead
Religious settlements

Why do many Christian churches vary in architectural style?

Christianity is split into many denominations

Identify four specific visual features of a typical mosque

• around a central courtyard
• pulpit at the end of the court yard facing Mecca
• cloisters surrounding the courtyard
• Minaret-tower in the middle

What is the religious purpose of a Buddhist pagoda

Pagodas contain relics that Buddhist believe to be a portion of Buddhas body or clothing

How was pilgrimage of her of the developing of pagodas

Buddhist carried the relics to other countries and Bill pagodas for them after Buddha died

Formal worship in a pagoda is not typical. Where does it usually take place?

More likely to be undertaken at an adjacent temple at a remote monastery or at a home


A journey for religious purposes to a place considered sacred

How are Hindu temples different than both churches in mosques

Congregational worship isn’t part of Hinduism so there are no seats

List three typical features of a Hindu temple

•small dimly lit
•a structure for a caretaker
•pool for ritual baths

List three examples of how religions have Inc. characteristics of cosmology

Yin yang


An astronomical event that happens twice a year when the tilt of the earth’s axis is most inclined to One Direction

What is the most prominent feature of a calendar in an ethnic religion

Celebration of the season the calendars annual cycle of variation in climatic conditions

What is the principal purpose of the calendar in the universalizing religion

Major holidays relate to events in the life of the founder rather than to the changing seasons of one particular place


How is the Jewish calendar typical of ethnic use of the calendar

It’s major holidays are based on events in the agricultural calendar of the religions homeland and present-day Israel

Difference between Jewish and Muslim lunar calendar

Jewish calendar inserts extra month every few years to maintain its agricultural and solar calendars

Muslims remain a strict lunar calendar Muslim holidays arrive in different seasons from generation to generation

How was the date of Easter related to the physical geography through the calendar

Serves observed on the first Sunday after the first full moon

Why do different Christian branches celebrate Easter on different days

It depends on where they’re living

How is the similar to Buddhisms major holidays

Not all Buddhists observe them on the same day

Hierarchical religion

Well defined geographic structure and originates territory into local administrative wits

Why are parishes in Latin America so much larger than Europe

Lower population density in parishes must work closely

Autonomous religion

Self-sufficient and interaction among communities is confined to little more than loose corporation and shared ideas

In the Absence of hierarchy what is only four more organization of territory in Islam

Through the coincidence of religious territory with sector states

What holds Islam together

The Koran and language and location

List some religions and denominations with on autonomous religion

Hinduism, Judaism, Baptist, United Church of Christ, Presbyterian

List some religions and denominations with hierarchical religions

Christian denominations, lutheran, most Methodist, episcopalian

What aspect of Hinduism has clashed with the western modern ideas

The caste system

What Western groups criticize this aspect why

British administration and Christian missionaries because they point out the shortcomings of the caste system the neglect of the untouchable health problems

How has the Indian government responded to this issue

They abolished the untouchables caste making everyone equal

And Russia Soviet union how did each of the following attempt to limit the influence of religion specifically the eastern orthodox church

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Czar Petr the great- Czar and Peter the Great made the Russian orthodox church part of the Russian government All church buildings can only be used with the permission of the local government

Communism- a form of socialism the abolishes private ownership

How was the Vietnam war detrimental to Buddhism in Southeast Asia

Destroyed many Buddhist shrines

How were communist regimes detrimental to Buddhism in Southeast Asia

Allowed shines and monuments that did make it through the Vietnam War to decay and be overtaken by the forest


A literal interpretation and a strict and intense adherence to basic principles of a religion

What are two religious groups in conflict in Ireland

Roman Catholic

Where Roman Catholics mostly located

The rest of the area west of Belfast

Where are protestants mostly located

Northern part like United Kingdom and east of Belfast

What religions are in constant conflict of the land in the Middle East

Judaism, Islam and Christianity

What was the military campaign by the Christians to recapture there holy land from the Muslims


Judaism’s Jerusalem

Islam’s Jerusalem

The location of Solomon’s temple and the western wall

The most important structure is the dome of the rock

Which isn’t a universalizing religion


Roman catholic predominates in which area

South America

Not one of the five pillars of Islam

Make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem

Which region is the large number found of adherence to ethnic religions found

East Asia

What are the five pillars of Islam

•no god but Allah
•pray 5 times a day
•giving charity
• fasting during the month of Ramadan
• pilgrimage to Mecca

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AP Human Geography is often labeled as moderately to highly difficult, primarily for its unique course content. While the concept of human geography may seem foreign to many students, chances are they've already explored some of the course's tenets on their own.

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How do you pass the HGAP? ›

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  1. Plan your responses before you start writing. Don't start to write immediately; that can lead to a string of disconnected, poorly planned thoughts. ...
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  3. Elaborate on the evidence. ...
  4. Practice!

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