DK Goel Solutions Class 12 Accountancy Download PDF (2022)

DK Goel Solutions Class 12 offers a complete package for Commerce students. Class 12 is one of the precious moments of every student’s life. In order to achieve new heights in the academic career, it is really important to score well in Class 12 board examinations. If you are a commerce student with an aim to tailor a fruitful career in professions like CA, CS, CFP, and more, your Class 12 percentage will play a major role in the future. Students who desire to join a prestigious college to boost their academic career need to have transparent goals right from the start of Class 12. In order to reserve a seat in some of the top colleges, the students need to score some extraordinary grades in Class 12 examinations.

Class 12 Solutions Part A – Volume 1

Chapter 1: Financial Statements of Non-profit Organisation
Chapter 2: Fundamentals of partnership Firms
Chapter 3: Change in Profit sharing ratio of Partners
Chapter 4: Admission of a Partner
Chapter 5: Retirement or Death of a Partner
Chapter 6: Dissolution of Partnership
Chapter 7: Company Accounts Accounting for Share Capital
Chapter 8:Company Accounts Issueof Debentures
Chapter 9: Company Accounts Redemption of Debentures

Class 12 Solutions Part B – Volume 2

Chapter 1: Financial Statements of a Company(As Per Schedule III)
Chapter 2: Financial Statement Analysis
Chapter 3:Tools for Financial Analysis: Comparative Statements
Chapter 4:Common Size Statements
Chapter 5: Accounting Ratios
Chapter 6: Cash Flow Statement


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DK Goel Solutions Class 12 Accountancy Download PDF (1)

The commerce students often get afraid of Accountancy. However, Accountancy is one of the core subjects of commerce. So if you are a commerce candidate, you can’t simply avoid the subject as it carries a significant weightage to shape your overall Class 12 percentage. Therefore, the best way is to prepare for Accountancy right from the starting of Class 12. Class 12 Accountancy brings a vast syllabus loaded with different topics, concepts, theories, and problems. To get good grades in Class 12, following a guide is extremely essential. For years, most commerce students have favored DK Goel Solutions Class 12 as the best study material. The solution combines all the crucial topics of Class 12 Accountancy to present in the most simple and easy-to-understand manner. Therefore, the student likes the rich content of the solutions, which benefits them to solve even the most complicated questions easily.

DK Goel Solutions are referred to as the most effective tool to crack the Class 12 board examination with shining marks. It helps the students to strategically plan their schedule and work on each chapter of Accountancy, and solve an adequate number of questions. The major attraction for the students that compel them to grab the DK Solutions Class 12 is that they are freely available online. So, any learner who wants to explore a new world of Accountancy can have his hands on the solutions.

Major Perks Of Using The DK Goel Solutions Class 12

It includes the most crucial topics that aim to the overall development of the students. Here are some of the most important benefits of studying from Class 12 DK Goel Solutions –

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  • DK Goel Solutions Class 12 is designed by the best Accountancy faculties. After months of efficient research and analysis of the past year’s question papers, the faculties have framed the solutions.
  • The solutions carrier 100% accurate and complete answers to each question. It covers the entire Class 12 Accountancy syllabus highlighting the most crucial topics. The students must learn all these topics as these have the maximum possibility of coming in the exams.
  • The solutions are well-structured and arranged chapter-wise to enable easy navigation. DK Goel solutions are divided into two parts – Volume 1 and 2. Both the parts carry a bunch of important topics revolving around concepts of partnership firms and financial statements.
  • Each topic is briefly explained by the best faculties compiled with some interesting real-life examples to make learning easier and more convenient.
  • The solutions contain a hype of questions, ranging from beginner’s level to advanced level. So, if the students solve all these questions, they will get a complete insight into the topics of Class 12 Accountancy.
  • The solutions also include some extra questions that will most likely come in the board exams. Hints and solutions are also attached to the questions so that the students can refer to them in case they are stuck on any step.
  • Every commerce student must practice a bag full of value-based questions of Accountancy. Keeping that in mind, DK Geol Solutions bring some exclusively picked value-based problems that help the students implement their knowledge.
  • Solving the DK Goel Solutions questions polish their logical thinking and sharpens their problem-solving abilities.
  • Whether you are a topper of class or simply an average candidate, it does not matter as the solutions are written in the most easy-to-understand language as per Class 12 standards.
  • They are available free of cost on the Internet. Therefore, anyone who wants to gain quality knowledge on different aspects of Accountancy can grab the solutions and start their learning journey.
  • Once students are done learning the chapters from NCERT, they can quickly shift to the DK Goel Solutions to explore new problems and know the correct methods to implement and yield fruitful results from their theoretical knowledge.

Important Topics Of Class 12 Accountancy

Class 12 Accountancy is a vast ocean of concepts, theories, and formulas. However, with the proper studying method, it’s pretty easy to score well in the exams. Most students lack an efficient guide and end up getting a poor grade. So, the simple remedy to this problem is to start preparing for Accountancy right from the beginning of Class 12 and stressing the important topics. So, which are the important topics of Class 12 Accountancy that contribute major to the board exams? Let’s dive in to explore –

Here are the most crucial topics of Class 12 Accountancy exams –

Financial Statement of Not-for-Profit Organisations – The students must learn of the depths of this topic. Each year a considerable number of questions are asked from the first chapter of Class 12 Volume 1. So, make sure to solve an ample amount of questions from this topic. Th topic includes –

  • Non-Profit Organisations
  • Income and Expenditure Account
  • Payment and Receipts Account

Accounting of Partnership Firm – This topic is not only important for the board exams but also will assist you in the future during higher studies. So make sure to know the ins and outs of accounting of partnership firm. The topic includes –

  • Partnership
  • Indian Partnership Act of 1932 and its Provisions
  • Fixed and Fluctuating Capital Accounts
  • Profit and Loss Appropriation Account
  • Nature and Valuation of Goodwill.
  • Reconstitution of Firms
  • Dissolution of Firms

Accounting for Companies – This chapter includes topics like shares, shares capital, ESOP, private placement, accounting for debentures, issues of debentures, and more. Therefore, the students must understand all the aspects efficiently to get good scores in exams.


Analysis of Financial Statements – For every commerce student having good knowledge about financial statements is necessary. So keenly learn all the aspects related to financial statements for scoring good grades in examinations. The topic includes –

  • Accounting Ratios
  • Tools required for Financial Statement Analysis
  • Liquidity Ratio
  • Profitability Ratio
  • Activity Ratio
  • Solvency Ratio

Clash Flow Statements – This is another important topic for the Class 12 students. The students must practice a ton of questions on Cash flow to master the concepts and theories. The topic includes –

  • Meaning of Cash Flow Statement
  • Drafting and Objectives of Cash Flow Statement

Why Do Students Need To Learn All The Topics of Class 12 Accountancy?

Studying accountancy efficiently in Class 12 is not only important for the students to get good marks in board examinations but also prepares them for their upcoming careers. After passing out from Class 12, all these topics will assist the students in their higher studies. Here are the most important reasons to follow the Class 12 syllabus –

  • The students get exposure to a wide range of concepts and theories on financial statements, which ultimately helps them in higher classes.
  • They get a brief on the fundamental accounting methods, formulas, concepts, and more.
  • They learn various valuable skills like logical thinking, problem-solving, and much more.
  • They get in-depth knowledge about Information technology and its use in accounting.
  • The students get extremely knowledge about partnership firms.

How many chapters are there in the Class 12 Accountancy syllabus?

Class 12 Accountancy syllabus comprises a total of 11 chapters that combines various concepts revolving around financial statements, partnership firms, cash flow, and much more. For the sake of convenience in learning, the complete Class 12 accountancy syllabus is divided into two parts – Volume 1 and 2. DK Goel Solutions also come up with two sections covering the complete syllabus of Class 12.

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Is studying from DK Goel Solutions enough for scoring well in the Class 12 examinations?

Although DK Goel Solutions cover all the important concepts, theories, and formulas of the Class 12 accountancy syllabus, the students must switch to multiple study resources to explore out-of-the-box topics. They can start with NCERT, which is quoted as the ultimate weapon for the CBSE students. Then they can switch to DK Goel Solutions to polish their learning and unwrap some important concepts in Class 12 Accountancy.

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Why should the students prefer DK Goel Solutions Class 12?

Here are the main reasons to follow the DK Goel Solutions –
● DK Solutions are titled as the hidden gems for commerce students due to its rich content.
● The solutions are carefully framed with some hand-picked questions and explanations from top accountants.
● The student now does not have to run after expensive courses or study material to learn Accountancy in Class 12. DK Goel Solutions are completely free of charge, available on the web.
● DK Goel Solutions begin a bag full of questions, which the students can practice and explore new learnings.


How many chapters are there in DK Goel Class 12? ›

DK Goel solutions Class 12 Accountancy book contains 11 chapters. All the chapters are equally important for the students to build a keen knowledge about the subject. On our website we have provided solutions for all questions given in each chapter of DK Goel Class 12 Accountancy textbook.

How many books are there in accounts Class 12 DK Goel? ›

DK Goel Solutions Class 12 comes in two Volumes, Volume – 1 presents Partnership Accounts and the Volume - 2 covers the Company Accounts. So, let's have a look at Part A Volume – 1 chapters : Chapter 1: Financial Statements of Not for Profit Organisations : How to make financial statements of Non Profit Organizations.

Who is DK Goel? ›

Chairman/Chief Mentor/Founder, Fiitjee Ltd.

What is accounting in DK Goel? ›

DK Goel Accountancy Class 11 Solutions – Chapter 1. Question 1. Define Accounting. Answer: Accounting can be defined as a process of reporting, recording, interpreting, and summarizing economic data.

Which book is best for Accountancy 11? ›

Top Reference Books for Class 11 Commerce
SubjectBest Reference Books For Class 11Publication / Author
AccountancyDouble Entry Book KeepingT. S. Grewal
Business StudiesBusiness Studies Class 11Poonam Gandhi
EconomicsIntroductory Micro EconomicTR Jain and VK Ohri
Statistics for EconomicsTR Jain and VK Ohri
1 more row
7 Jan 2022

How many books of accounts are there in class 12? ›

NCERT publishes Accountancy books for class 12 CBSE students in two sets. The first book is based on Partnership Accounts, while the second book has chapters related to Company Accounts and Analysis of Financial Statements.

What are books of original entry? ›

Books of original entry are referred to as the books or journal where a business records all the business transactions initially. The information that is contained in the books of original entry are summarised and recorded in the general ledger, which is then used to prepare trial balance and the financial statements.

How do you calculate interest on a drawing? ›

Interest on drawings= Total of Products × Rate/100 × 1/12

When equal amounts are withdrawn at regular/equal interval of time, interest on drawing can be calculated on the total of the amount drawn, for the average of the period applicable to the first and last instalment.

What is financial statement analysis class 12? ›

Financial Statement Analysis It is the systematic numerical representation of the relationship of one financial fact with the other to measure the profitability, operational efficiency, solvency and the growth potential of the business.

How many chapters are there in DK Goel Class 11? ›

How many chapters are there in DK Goel Accountancy Class 11 Solutions? There are 27 chapters in the DK Goel Accountancy Solutions for Class 11 students. These chapters are based on commerce and accounting in business.

How many accounts books are there in class 11? ›

There are two books.

What are the attributes of accounting class 11? ›

  • understandability.
  • Relevance.
  • consistency.
  • Reliability.
  • Comparability.
  • objectivity.


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