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Enter your Genshin Impact character stats to calculate your total attack, total skill, and total crit. hit damage statistics! Using this calculator is as easy-peasy as 1-2-3 and A-B-C. All you've gotta do is find your in-game attributes and enter them below. Don't forget to include all of your Genshin Impact weapon stats and skill bonuses too. Our handy-dandy calculator will do the rest of the work for you. You'll never have to worry about trying to add up and compute your own stats again!


Genshin Total Attack Calculator

Character Base ATK + Weapon Base ATK

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Weapon, Artifact, and Set Bonus % ATK Modifiers

Feather ATK

Total ATK =

Genshin Skill Damage Calculator

Skill Multiplier %

Critical Damage %

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Elemental/Physical % (pick ONE)

Additional Bonus %

Total Skill Dmg (Before Defenses/Resistances) =

Critical Hit Skill Dmg (Before Defenses/Resistances) =

About the Tool

Genshin Impact Weapon Stats and Mechanics

There are two weapon stats in Genshin Impact: a Base Attack boost and a percentage bonus. The second one varies depending on the weapon, but it will always be the same for any duplicate of it. That secondary stat can boost anything from Attack or Physical Damage to Elemental Mastery or Energy Recharge Rate.

Then for 3-star and above weapons, there are weapon skills. These add extra effects as you attack, from adding extra attacks to buffing your character. Some need a condition such as a target has to be affected by a certain element or the character has to induce certain elemental reactions. You can level up this skill by refining your weapon, a process that uses up duplicates to do so.

You can do weapon leveling through enhancement in Genshin Impact. Sacrificing unused weapons or weapon enhancement ores will increase its level, as well as its two weapon stats stated above. This is a separate process than refinement, but you may also use the weapon’s duplicates in this one. The refinement level of the weapon won’t increase, though.

(Video) How to Do 10x MORE DAMAGE: Genshin Impact DPS Guide

As for Genshin Impact weapon tiers, you should carefully check 3-star weapons. Some of them, while weaker in base attack boosts, may have effects that far surpass 4 and 5-star weapons. You also get them more often from chests or wishes, so you’re sure to be able to max out refinement for these weapons. The higher ranked weapons are still nothing to scoff at, though. It’s just harder to refine them since duplicates will be rare.

Genshin Impact Artifact Mechanics

There are five artifact slots: a Circlet, a Goblet, a Timepiece, a Feather, and a Flower. Feathers and Flowers always have a flat main stat boost to Attack and HP respectively. The rest usually have percentage boosts to Attack, HP, or Defense. Goblets may have the chance to roll an Elemental Damage percentage boost. Circlets might have a Healing Effectivity or Crit Rate percentage boost. Timepieces might get an Elemental Mastery boost instead.

Then, you also have to think about artifact sets. They have various effects when you equip 2 or 4 of the same set. From replenishing your HP when opening a chest to increasing your attack when you use a skill, there are many effects that you can choose from.

You can even mix and match 2-set effects since there are only five slots. If you pick to have a 4-set effect, you won’t be able to add effects from another set. That is unless you have a 1-set effect artifact, but you only get those later.

For enhancement, you can only use other artifacts to enhance them. That means you have to choose which ones to trash because you can’t take the materials back once you confirm the process.

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How do I calculate my DMG in Genshin? ›

DMG is calculated as: If the damage scores a Critical Hit, the CRIT DMG multiplier is also applied.
General Damage Formula
  1. ATK, DEF, or Max HP depending on the ability.
  2. Ability multiplier.
  3. Damage Bonus.
  4. Defense (of target)
  5. Resistance (of target)
  6. Damage Reduction (of target)
  7. Amplifying Reactions.
  8. Critical Hit.

What is the maximum damage potential in Genshin? ›

Technically hackers did achieve 2,147,483,647 DMG (highest possible signed int32 value) before miHoYo artificially restricted DMG to 10 Million per hit.

What is the best monster to test damage Genshin? ›

1) Raiden Shogun

Genshin Impact players who have the patience to get through Raiden Shogun's first form will definitely want to use her as their damage showcase tool. Genshin Impact players will have plenty of opportunities to hit some massive damage numbers if they take advantage of these bosses.

How Genshin stats are calculated? ›

Your base ATK is calculated by adding your character's own ATK (when wearing no artifacts) plus your weapon's ATK. You can see your base ATK by clicking "Details" in the character screen. Your base ATK is the number in white, and the green number to the right of it is the ATK added by your artifacts.

How much crit rate and DMG should I have? ›

One of the popular rules is that the ratio between Crit Rate and Crit Damage should always be 1:2.

Is Hyperbloom Dendro damage? ›

Hyperbloom. As mentioned above, the seeds formed by Bloom can be interacted with to activate more different kinds of reactions. If you apply Electro to the seed, it triggers Hyperbloom. When this happens, the seed will fly to one of the enemies around it and deal Dendro damage.

Is 100% crit damage good Genshin Impact? ›

And 100% crit dmg isn't bad :) crit rate dictates how frequently these critical shots occur. so with a 50% crit rate for example, about half of your shots would be dealing double damage. if you're ar45+, i would suggest having 50-60% crit rate and 140-200% crit dmg.

Who has the highest Elemental Burst damage in Genshin Impact? ›

Without a doubt, Zhongli has the most popular elemental burst in Genshin Impact. His Planet Befall burst is similar to Uchiha Madara's Tengai Shinsei Jutsu that he used against the fourth division to obliterate them.

Who is the strongest God in Genshin Impact? ›

Finally, the most current most powerful playable character in Genshin Impact lore-wise is the Geo Archon himself, Zhongli. No one can kill him or is powerful enough to do so, so he had to fake his own death to get out of responsibility.

Who is the strongest unit in Genshin Impact? ›

Diluc is basically the baseline by which we assess character power level. He was the first popular Main DPS and was touted as the strongest character on Genshin's launch.

Is elemental damage better than ATK? ›

The short "tl;dr" answer is Physical/Elemental DMG is often better, but attack% can be better if you have good substats. Attack is used as the source of all damage, so increasing attack will increase all damage dealt from a character.

Does ATK affect elemental burst? ›

Normal Attack hits increase Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst DMG by 20~40% for 6s.

How many critical DMG is enough? ›

Our recommended ratio of CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG is 1:2, with CRIT DMG being double of the CRIT Rate. For example, if your CRIT Rate is 60%, your CRIT DMG should be at least 120%. Try to aim for at least 50% CRIT Rate when building characters, so everyone has a decent chance to deal CRIT hits!

Is Crit DMG better than ATK%? ›

CR/CD multiplies damage, which is based on your total attack (and the skill multiplier applied to that attack). So CR/CD is generally better than ATK%, because it multiplies a bigger quantity.

Do you need 100% crit rate? ›

You don't need 100% crit rate, your crit rate is just fine as it is.

Is the God of Dendro a girl? ›

The Dendro Archon was actually a woman all along. The reason this mistake happened is there are no gendered pronouns in Chinese. So the Chinese original dialogue of Genshin Impact until now didn't refer to the Dendro Archon as either she or he. Until Yae Miko confirmed she is female.

What is Kokomi's damage based on? ›

Kokomi's main strength is as a healer who can also apply Hydro to enemies using her Bake-Kurage jellyfish turrets and her Nereid's Ascension burst. But the Ocean-Hued Clam artifact set changed everything for her, adding an ability that lets you deal damage based upon the amount that a character heals.

What does Collei scale off of? ›

Collei's first passive Talent scales off of her ATK stat, but if you're using her for reactions at lower Constellations, Elemental Mastery is the stat to focus on when building her.

What is Zhongli's max HP? ›

Due to this passive, Zhongli should have a max HP of 20k, if not more. Arcanum of Crystal is useful for crafting as it refunds 15% of the ores used for crafting polearm weapons.

Does Ayato scale off of HP? ›

During the ability's duration, Ayato also gains a stacking damage buff called 'Namisen' every time he attacks, along with a sizable resistance to interruption. This ability can scale off of Ayato's Max HP, so stacking a lot of HP can greatly enhance this attack's damage.

Who is the fastest in Genshin? ›

Mona and Ayaka can sprint faster than any other character. Sayu's elemental skill turns her into a Sonic the Hedgehog ripoff that can move even faster than Mona/Ayaka. Keqing's elemental skill allows her to travel couple of meters in an instant.

Is 160 Crit DMG good Genshin? ›

Is 160 Crit DMG good Genshin? Yes it's good. The more the better. Ideally main DPS crit is 70/140+ but crit damage is better to stack after some EM.

Is 55 crit rate enough Genshin? ›

Ideally you'd want a 70%+ crit rate on most characters. I say 55% is perfectly fine.

How tall is tighnari? ›

Tighnari. Estimated Age: 25 years old. Birthday: December 28. Height: 5'4″.

Who is the number 1 DPS in Genshin Impact? ›

Even without any reactions, Ganyu is the most stable DPS character who can deal massive damage at any point and any range.

Who is the strongest Pyro user in Genshin Impact? ›

Xiangling is the best Sub-DPS Pyro character in Genshin Impact.

Is Childe the weakest harbinger? ›

Plus, as per Childe, she's stronger than she looks. She's the third strongest out of the eleven Harbingers.

Who is the oldest God in Genshin? ›

Liyue's Morax, the God of Contracts, is the oldest Archon in Genshin Impact, with at least over 2,000 years under his rule. Naturally, as a god centered around order, Morax has a very different relationship with his people.

Why is Venti the weakest Archon? ›

Who is the weakest Archon in Genshin Impact? Venti or Barbatos is likely the weakest among all the seven gods or archons in Teyvat who each have their own nation. That's all thanks to Signora snatching up his gnosis, effectively making Venti less than an archon in terms of power.

What is the weakest enemy in Genshin? ›

It's no surprise that the slime is the weakest enemy in the game. Even without using elemental attacks, slimes can quickly be wiped off of the battlefield.

What is the weakest boss in Genshin Impact? ›

The Electro Hypostasis is one of the easiest bosses in the game. It can even be defeated in under five minutes. During the fight, it changes forms often, and it even tries to trap the players in a prison.

What is the hardest pity in Genshin? ›

Hard Pity is when a player is guaranteed to get a 5-star character, while Soft Pity is just an increased chance of obtaining a 5-star character. Soft Pity progressively increases the more a player doesn't pull a 5-star character at a certain point.

Who is the best Archon? ›

Reddit user dreznovk has shared the results of a poll done in the game's Japanese community which reveals that Raiden Shogun is the most popular out of the four currently known Archons.

Who is the best healer in Genshin Impact? ›

Qiqi is still the best character in sheer healing capabilities in the cast so far, and this is her main asset as a character. Both her elemental burst and skill provide passive healing, meaning that it is easy to activate her skill and switch to a different character.

How old is yanfei? ›

Appearance. Yanfei's appearance in Liyue that talk Madam Ping before introduces to Traveler and Paimon in the world quest. She's sixteen to seventeen years old and has pale skin, pink hair, and green eyes.

Is Elemental Mastery important for DPS? ›

Elemental Mastery is the stat that amplifies the damage done by elemental reactions that certain character makes. It's going to be an important stat if you're running a team that focuses on elemental reactions such as melt and vaporize compositions.

What does Cryo DMG bonus mean? ›

Cryo DMG Bonus: Increases damage dealt by Cryo-based attacks. Cyro RES: Decreases the damage taken when hit with Cryo-based attacks.

How is DPS damage calculated? ›

The most generic damage per second formula is: single shot damage * shots per second = damage per second and it can be applied to many different situations.

How is DMG calculated in Genshin? ›

DMG is calculated as: If the damage scores a Critical Hit, the CRIT DMG multiplier is also applied.
General Damage Formula
  • ATK, DEF, or Max HP depending on the ability.
  • Ability multiplier.
  • Damage Bonus.
  • Defense (of target)
  • Resistance (of target)
  • Damage Reduction (of target)
  • Amplifying Reactions.
  • Critical Hit.

How do you measure damage? ›

Eight different methods are described to measure damage defined as the effective surfacic density of micro-cracks and cavities in any plane of a representative volume element: (i) direct measurements such as the observation of micrographic pictures and the measurement of the variation of the density; (ii) non direct ...

How much ATK should Bennett have? ›

Bennett's best weapon is most often the weapon you have with the highest Base ATK. Weapons that give Energy Recharge are fine, but focusing on having a high Base ATK is top priority. Try to avoid having less than 550 Base ATK on your weapon.

Does Elemental Burst DMG affect Xiao? ›

Xiao's main source of damage comes from his Elemental Burst. However, its massive damage comes with a cost. For the duration of his Burst, Xiao constantly loses HP, which means he will soon be on the brink of death. To handle this issue, it is crucial to protect Xiao with a healer.

Why is Bennett so good? ›

Bennett's skill is great for producing energy particles, so this potentially means you can hit twice in rapid succession and recharge a big chunk of his burst. Another alternative is the Favonius Sword. This four-star weapon also boosts energy recharge, and crits have a 60 percent chance to produce energy particles.

How is DMG bonus calculated? ›

Your bonus to damage is just your strength bonus, so it's +3. You would add +3 to whatever damage die is specified by the weapon you're using. So if you were using a dagger, it would show "1d4 + 3" and that's what you would use. (This is not your hit dice, hit dice are something else).

How do you get 1k damage in Genshin Impact? ›

Upgrade your artifacts as higher as possible to increase your damage. The best part about upgrading artifacts is that your resources are not wasted even if you have upgraded low rarity artifacts. The artifact you should be looking for to increase your damage in the Genshin Impact is Attack boost/percentage.

How do I calculate my pity in Genshin? ›

Players can calculate their pity by first opening the wishes page in Genshin and then selecting the history button on the banner they wish to check their pity on. What is this? After opening the history page, players will then see all the items that they have received from wishing on that specific banner.

Why is elemental dmg bonus better than ATK%? ›

Elemental/Physical DMG% and Bonuses

If you use elemental abilities to damage them, then it will deal lower damage compared to using an attack% main stat, but your physical damage will be higher if you use a Physical DMG Bonus main stat.

Is DMG higher than crit rate? ›

Crit damage is important because it can double or even triple your damage output. Crit rate is important to increase the chances that your attacks are critical hits. Generally, you want to aim for a 1:2 ratio of crit rate to damage.

Is Crit DMG a multiplier? ›

So, in summary, Critical Rate is your chance to trigger a critical hit. And Critical Damage is the multiplier that will make your damage higher.

Why am i so weak in Genshin Impact? ›

Most early game players tend to focus on player level and not the stuff that provides a bigger bonus like weapons/talents/artifacts. Eventually that flips when the 5* artifacts open up, you'll need to start farming those to get your character's damage up over leveling. Most likely artifacts are the problem.

What should I do at AR 25? ›

At Adventure Rank 25 and above, it's best you if start collecting 4-star weapons. You can obtain them from gacha, by crafting, or from treasure chests. It's even better if you get five-star weapons from gacha. Upgrade those weapons to level 60 when you get them!

Is 70 a soft pity? ›

“Soft pity” is when you start hitting 70 to 80 pulls. The rate of getting a 5-star increases more and more as you reach 80, and is when you usually get a 5-star character.

Is soft pity 75 or 76? ›

The 75-ish count is called the soft pity.

Is 70 Pity good Genshin? ›

There's something called “soft pity” that greatly increases your chances of getting a five-star character at 70 Wishes. Every five-star character I've gotten has been hit at 70-75 rolls or earlier, so it's unlikely you'll need to actually hit 90 rolls. From here, the event odds start kicking in.


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