Genshin Impact DPS Calculator and Artifact Planner by (2023)

Introducing our Genshin Impact DPS Calculator and Artifact Planner, a powerful tool for calculating the DPS (Damage Per Second) of a character and plan your build within a single page. You can calculate for up to 15 different attack sequences with 5 custom buffs, a shield calculator, and a heal calculator. All you have to do is input your desired weapon stats, artifact stats, and your skill multipliers that you want to calculate. Make sure to read our guide below on how to input those stats properly.

Genshin Impact DPS Calculator and Artifact Planner v3.1.0

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How To Use

1. Make a copy

You must make your own copy before you can start using the calc. Click on the calculator link above, then choose File -> Make a copy. Make sure you’re sign in to your Google account to be able to do so. This calc will be saved to your Google account so any stats you inputted will be saved and will not be lost. You can start using the calc right away after you make a copy. You can access your copy of the calc inside your Google Sheets home. You can also make separate copies to calculate multiple characters. This calc can be accessed via both your PC and mobile devices using Google Sheets App.

Genshin Impact DPS Calculator and Artifact Planner by (1)

2. Learn how to input the numbers properly

This calc has three main panels: Stats panel, Custom Stat Buffs panel, and a DPS Calculator panel. There is also a Shield Calculator panel and a Heal Calculator panel for characters that have those ability.

2.1. Stats panel

Genshin Impact DPS Calculator and Artifact Planner by (2)

First, you must select your character by double-clicking on the character name on the top left part of the Stats panel, and select your character level as well. A + indicator on the character level means that the character is ascended.

Next, input your stats on the cells that have the alternating colors on. Don’t use copy and paste method to input your numbers, Google Sheets don’t like those. Just type in the numbers to avoid breaking the calc.

Let’s start with the Buffs column, this is where you input your buffs such as foods, pyro resonance, or anything that are constantly active during the battle period.

Next, the Weapon column, this is where you input your weapon main stats, secondary stats, and bonus stats if the bonus stats are constantly active. Now for the bonus stats that require a certain condition to trigger, you can input those on the DPS Calculator panel that will be explained later (below). In the example above, my Ganyu has a Lv.90 Amos Bow, so I put 608 on the ATK row of the Weapon column and 49.6% on the ATK% row of the Weapon column. The DMG bonus stats of the Amos Bow will be inputted on the DPS Calculator panel that will be explained later (below). You can try different weapons to find which will yield the best DPS for your character.

(Video) Let's calculate Raiden Shogun's weapons, burst, and skill damage using Genshin Impact DPS Calculator

Next, the Art Set (Artifact Set) column and five different artifact columns. This is pretty self explanatory, you should input all your artifact stats on the correct cells. You can try different main stats (ATK% vs Crit Rate vs Crit DMG vs Elemental Mastery) to find which will yield the best DPS for your character. Note that all elemental DMG bonuses such as Pyro DMG Bonus, Cryo DMG Bonus, etc, should be inputted on the Elemental DMG Bonus % row.

Let us give you an example, a 2 piece of Gladiator set will give you constant 18% ATK bonus, so input 18% on the ATK% row of the Art Set column. Another example, a 4pc of Retracing Bolide set will give you 40% DMG bonus to your Normal and Charged attack when that character is under a shield, in this case, you must put 40% on the All DMG Bonus cell on the DPS Calculator panel that will be explained later (below). Also note that if the game description says DMG, it should go to the DMG bonus cell, and if the description says ATK, it should go to the ATK bonus cell.

Healing Effectiveness, Healing Bonus, and Incoming Healing Bonus have the same effect, so input those stats to the Healing Bonus % row.

Meanwhile, Shield Strength and Shield Absorption bonus are two completely different things, you should put Shield Strength on the Shield Strength row, and Shield Absorption bonus on the Absorption cell on the Shield Calculator panel. Examples of Shield Strength bonuses are the Tenacity of Millelith set and Retracing Bolide set. Examples of Shield Absorption bonus are Diona’s elemental skill hold (gives 75% bonus so it will be 175% Absorption bonus) and all Geo shields which have 150% Absorption bonus. Shield with the same element as the damage taken will have 250% Absorption bonus.

Now that all your weapon and artifact stats have been inputted, let’s move to the next panel.

2.2. Custom Stat Buffs panel

Genshin Impact DPS Calculator and Artifact Planner by (3)

In the Custom Stat Buffs panel, you can create your own stat buffs, such as your Bennett’s ATK buff, your Staff of Homa stat buffs, Mona’s Energy Recharged based Hydro DMG Bonus, etc.

The panel is self explanatory too, select the stat that is going to be buffed, the base stat, the multiplier, and additional direct value. You can create up to 5 different buffs and can be toggled on and off for your convenience. Note that there is a Buff Limit toggle for some stat buff skills such as Hu Tao’s Paramita Papilio effect, which cannot buff her ATK more than 400% of her Base ATK. We have put 5 different presets so you can understand on how to input those correctly. You can modify those custom buff names so you can remember what are those.

2.3 Shield Calculator panel

Genshin Impact DPS Calculator and Artifact Planner by (4)

The Shield Calculator panel is where you can calculate the strength (in HP) of your shield, if the character have the shield skill of course. For characters that don’t have any shield skill, this panel is useless and can be ignored.

The panel is self explanatory too, put the multiplier number, base stat, and additional value based on the Talent description. For Absorption, you should put 150% for any Geo shields such as Zhongli’s and Noelle’s. For Diona’s hold shield, put in 175%. Crystallize is the mini shields that are produced by the geo damage to an element.

For the Base Stat, Zhongli’s shield is based on his Max HP, so is Diona’s shield. Noelle’s and Xinyan’s shields are based on their DEF.

(Video) Ganyu Freeze and Melt DPS Guide and Damage Calculation, Should You Pull For Ganyu? - Genshin Impact

2.4. Heal Calculator panel

Genshin Impact DPS Calculator and Artifact Planner by (5)

Similar to the Shield Calculator panel, in the Heal Calculator panel you input the multiplier of your character’s heal skill, its base stat, and the additional value of the skill. You can also put the Healing Bonus % of the Maiden Set on the Stats panel explained earlier (above).

2.5. DPS Calculator panel

Genshin Impact DPS Calculator and Artifact Planner by (6)

Now the most complicated part of the calc, and the most exciting part that will give you accurate information on how you would plan your weapon, artifacts, and attack sequence for your beloved character, the DPS Calculator panel!

Genshin Impact DPS Calculator and Artifact Planner by (7)

Let’s start from the top left part of the panel, which is the DPS counter. This number represents the damage your character can deal in 1 second (not 1 screenshot), based on the value you inputted on the Stats panel, Custom Stat Buffs panel, and this DPS Calculator panel. This number is the final damage number of your character that you can be proud of. The purpose of our calculator is to let you maximize this number by min-maxing your weapon, artifacts, and your attack sequence.

Genshin Impact DPS Calculator and Artifact Planner by (8)

On the top right of the panel, there’s Monster RES and Monster LV value which you can edit. Most regular monsters such as hillichurls usually have 10 resistance, so to make it less complicated just use 10 as our recommended RES value. Monster LV though affect the damage your character can deal, the higher the monster level, the lesser your character’s damage will be. Spiral Abyss floor 12 has LV.100 enemies.

Genshin Impact DPS Calculator and Artifact Planner by (9)

On the first row, select between Normal Attack, Elemental Skill, or Elemental Burst. Select None if you don’t want to activate that column.

Genshin Impact DPS Calculator and Artifact Planner by (10)

On the second row, you can input the number of repetition of the attack. For example, if you want to calc the DPS of your character doing 3 sets of normal attacks then followed by an elemental burst, you can put in 3 times on the Attack repetition colum of the Normal Attack column, and 1 time on the Elemental Burst column.

Genshin Impact DPS Calculator and Artifact Planner by (11)

On the third row, select whether the attack is Physical or Elemental, in the example above, my Ganyu’s charged shot is Cryo element, so I chose Elemental for both columns.

Genshin Impact DPS Calculator and Artifact Planner by (12)

On the fourth row, put in your character’s skill multiplier that you can find from the Talent menu inside the game’s character menu. You can also get these numbers by visiting Honey Impact – Genshin Impact DB and Tools. For normal attacks, you can sum up all the multipliers from the first hit to the last hit and make it into a one big multiplier, to save column space and the hassle.

Genshin Impact DPS Calculator and Artifact Planner by (13)

On the fifth row, this is where you select whether your character skill is based on ATK, DEF, or any other else. We know that Albedo’s elemental skill is based on DEF so change it to DEF if you’re calc-ing Albedo’s elemental skill, and so on. But for most of the skills it’s going to be ATK. Note that Zhongli‘s skills are based on ATK, and he gets additional damage bonus based on his Max HP but this is already calculated automatically by our calc, so just ignore the damage bonus and put ATK for Zhongli.

Genshin Impact DPS Calculator and Artifact Planner by (14)

On the sixth and seventh row, this is where you put your ATK/DEF/HP Buffs based on the base stat you select earlier on the fifth row. So if you select ATK on the fifth row earlier, put in your ATK bonuses on the sixth and the seventh row. Examples of ATK bonuses that you should put in here: ATK bonuses from weapons that triggers after certain situations such as Prototype Crescent, ATK bonuses from artifacts that triggers after certain situations, such as Tenacity of Millelith 4 piece effect which give you 20% ATK after the wearer’s elemental skill damage an enemy, Noblesse Oblige 4 piece effect which give your party 20% ATK after casting an Elemental Burst, etc. Please read the description of your artifacts and weapons carefully, make sure ATK bonuses is put in here and the DMG bonuses is put in the All DMG bonus row that will be explained below.

(Video) Calculating Gorou's DPS/damage contribution to your geo team - Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact DPS Calculator and Artifact Planner by (15)

On the eighth row, this is where you put ALL kinds of DMG increasing bonuses from any kind of things, such as Artifacts (Wanderer’s and Retracing Bolide’s Normal and Charged Shot bonus for example), Weapons (such as Amos Bow’s DMG Bonus, Lost Prayer’s Elemental DMG Bonus), and etc. Just sum up all DMG bonuses and put it here. In my example above, I put in 60% on the first column because my Amos Bow gives Ganyu 20% DMG Bonus and my Retracing Bolide artifact set gives her 40% DMG Bonus. On the second column though, the DMG bonus is increased to 84% because her charged shot bloom damage is about 0.3s later than the first one, resulting in an addition of 24% DMG Bonus.

Genshin Impact DPS Calculator and Artifact Planner by (16)

On the ninth and tenth row, this is pretty self explanatory, put in Crit Rate and Crit Damage bonuses here. In my example, Ganyu’s charged shot gets a 20% Crit Rate increase so I put in 20% for both columns.

Genshin Impact DPS Calculator and Artifact Planner by (17)

On the eleventh row, this is where you put Monster RES debuff effect such as Zhongli’s shield passive ability that radiates 20% RES reduction to enemies around it. Another example is a 4 piece of Viridescent Venerer’s set which give 40% RES reduction to the swirled element for that enemy. You can put either 20% or -20% it doesn’t matter because our calc will automatically use either number properly.

Genshin Impact DPS Calculator and Artifact Planner by (18)

On the twelfth row, you can select an extra reaction damage for that attack. For example, if you’re calc-ing an Electro based skill to a Hydro enemy, you would select Electrocharged on this row, to get an extra electrocharge damage on top of your skill damage. In my example above, I put Melt/Vapor (1.5x) because I use Xiangling’s burst to provide melt reaction for my Ganyu, resulting in a much higher damage.

Genshin Impact DPS Calculator and Artifact Planner by (19)

On the thirteenth row, If your character is using Thundering Fury set, you can add 40% to it, as a Reaction DMG Bonus said on the artifact description.

Genshin Impact DPS Calculator and Artifact Planner by (20)

For the fourteenth row, you can add Elemental Mastery bonuses such as bonuses from Sucrose’s and Albedo’s passive talents or Instructor 4 piece set effect.

Genshin Impact DPS Calculator and Artifact Planner by (21)

For the fifteenth row, this is where you input the damage bonuses that comes from Max HP, such as Zhongli’s passive talent and Sangonomiya Kokomi’s elemental burst.

Genshin Impact DPS Calculator and Artifact Planner by (22)

On the sixteenth to nineteenth row, this is where your character’s damage will be shown. Normal damage means the damage that fails to crit. Critical damage is the critical damage, and Average damage is the average damage based on your character’s critical rate and critical damage calculated. Average damage is the accurate representation of the strength of your character’s attack. For example you can have like 10% Crit rate but 300% Crit damage, the Critical damage will be very high but it will only appear like once in a year, so the Average damage will be closer to the Normal damage. Reaction damage is the reaction damage based on the twelfth row you select earlier. Note that Electrocharged damage triggers twice of what is shown, but our calc already automatically calc those extra tick so you don’t have to worry about it.

Genshin Impact DPS Calculator and Artifact Planner by (23)

On the last row, this is where you put your attack duration, to get the actual DPS number by dividing the total damage to the total duration of your attacks. You can use a stopwatch to count on how long your character performs certain attack or attack sequences and you can put that number in this row. For example, if your claymore character performs 5 hits combo in a 4 seconds duration, then you must put 4s on this row and sum up all those 5 hit multipliers and put it on the multiplier row, to get the accurate DPS of that said character. Also make sure you deactivate other columns that are not in use by setting it to None, to get the correct DPS of the active columns only.

3. Examples

Here are some examples I made when comparing the DPS of Raiden Shogun, Ayaka, Yoimiya, and Sayu.

(Video) Kokomi and other healers with Ocean-Hued Clam artifact set, is it good? Let's compare! - DPS Calc

Ayaka DPS comparison:

Yoimiya DPS comparison:

Sayu DPS comparison:

4. Tips

You can right-click on the Gamegres’ Genshin Calc tab on the bottom left, then click Duplicate to make a copy of your current calc for comparison purposes. Say you want to try out how a certain artifact set perform over your current artifact set, you can make a new copy to the existing spreadsheet, change the artifact numbers, then compare it side by side. You can also try out different set of attack sequences and see which one will yield the best DPS for your current weapon and artifact set.

If you somehow broke the calc, you can quickly undo it by pressing Ctrl+Z on your keyboard if you’re using PC. If it can’t be undo-ed, then just grab a new copy from this page (

Make sure you put percentage numbers in the percentage based rows, such as ATK %, HP %, DEF %. And flat numbers in the flat based rows. Putting a flat number in the percentage based rows will insanely increase your calc result.

You can help us by sharing the calc: to other fellow Genshin Impact travelers so they can get calc’ing too!

Please report any errors or mistake by simply commenting below.

(Video) Albedo, New Weapon Cinnabar Spindle and New Artifact Husk of Opulent Dreams DPS Calc Genshin Impact

Thank you and enjoy the calc!


Is there a DPS meter for Genshin Impact? ›

Introducing our Genshin Impact DPS Calculator and Artifact Planner, a powerful tool for calculating the DPS (Damage Per Second) of a character and plan your build within a single page. You can calculate for up to 15 different attack sequences with 5 custom buffs, a shield calculator, and a heal calculator.

Is Genshin Optimizer legit? ›

It is legit until you realize that they don't consider your ER and rotation. They would maximize your damage output, but in a real world situation, you might not be doing the most damage since your XL Q is still down.

Which artifact will Nahida use? ›

The best artifacts for Nahida are from Sumeru: Gilded Dreams and Deepwood Memories. For main stats, you can go for Elemental Mastery sands, Elemental Mastery or Dendro DMG% Goblet, and Elemental Mastery or CRIT Circlet depending on your critical hit/damage ratio.

Is it OK to have 2 DPS in Genshin? ›

You should never have two main DPS characters on a team as this will hinder the overall damage output.

Who is the number 1 DPS in Genshin? ›

Even without any reactions, Ganyu is the most stable DPS character who can deal massive damage at any point and any range.

Is Genshin pity real? ›

The 75-ish count is called the soft pity. Mihoyo does not mention its existence in Genshin Impact officially, but it does exist.

What is Genshin anti-cheat? ›

mhyprot2.sys does help stop players from blatantly cheating in this game, but it's also capable of being used for nefarious means. This report also states that mhyprot2.sys can be used alongside any malware, making it far more dangerous than players might realize.

Does Genshin cap FPS? ›

The game allows players to change the settings between 30 FPS and 60 FPS. Unless players have a high-end PC, they cannot maintain 60 FPS in-game without lowering some graphics settings.

What does Genshin do on my birthday? ›

What happens on your birthday in Genshin Impact? On your birthday, a very special item will become available to you - the Cake for Traveller. When your birthday comes around, click the 'mail' icon in the menu. You'll be looking for the mail item that says 'best wishes on your birthday'.

How do I know if my Genshin Impact is 50 50? ›

Genshin Impact 50/50 system explained

With the 50/50 system in place, if you don't pull Itto the first time you successfully Wish for a 5-Star character or weapon, you are guaranteed to get him the second time you pull a 5-Star item.

What is my birthday in Genshin Impact? ›

When players create an account in Genshin Impact, they are asked to set a birthday for that account. On the player's birthday, they will receive in-game mail with a item called "Cake for Traveler." Using the cake causes it to break down into Fragile Resin, a consumable which replenishes 60 Original Resin.

Is c1 Nahida worth it? ›

Nahida has one of the most powerful Constellations in Genshin Impact, making her highly worth it.

Is Nahida the Dendro Archon? ›

Nahida, also known as the Dendro Archon Lesser Lord Kusanali, is finally making her debut in the first half of Genshin Impact version 3.2! The game's fourth playable Archon is a 5-star Catalyst user that greatly empowers any team that relies on Dendro elemental reactions to dish out damage.

Who is the most broken DPS in Genshin? ›

Ganyu is known as a half-human & half adept breed character in Genshin Impact. She is probably the most overpowered DPS character in Genshin Impact, thanks to her insanely broken charged attack multipliers.

Who has the strongest C6 DPS? ›

The absolute strongest C6 character overall is probably Ganyu or Eula.

Who is the easiest DPS character to build in Genshin Impact? ›

Kaeya is one of the three playable characters players instantly receive at the beginning of Genshin Impact. He's a solid 4-star Cryo DPS who is easy to build and works well in most team compilations. Kaeya's materials are easy to farm and players can use some pretty common artifacts on him.

How old is yanfei? ›

Appearance. Yanfei's appearance in Liyue that talk Madam Ping before introduces to Traveler and Paimon in the world quest. She's sixteen to seventeen years old and has pale skin, pink hair, and green eyes.

Who is the strongest 4 star DPS in Genshin? ›

Bennett (Pyro Sword)

Despite being shunned by nearly every team in the game for being the unluckiest adventurer in Teyvat, Bennett is widely considered to be the best 4-star character in Genshin Impact. This is thanks to his burst, which provides the best ATK buff in the game.

Who is the best F2P DPS Genshin? ›

Among the available F2P-friendly characters, Albedo is easily one of the most qualified. The Chief Alchemist of the Knights of Favonius is an amazing Sub-DPS whose Skill scales with DEF. Considering the abundance of DEF Artifacts during Artifact farming, building Albedo will be a piece of cake.

Is 70 a soft pity? ›

“Soft pity” is when you start hitting 70 to 80 pulls. The rate of getting a 5-star increases more and more as you reach 80, and is when you usually get a 5-star character.

How many primogems is 90 wishes? ›

Genshin Impact 3.4 Primogems estimation: Why some players will get over 90 Wishes in this update. That's 14,735 Primogems.

Is 70 Pity good Genshin? ›

There's something called “soft pity” that greatly increases your chances of getting a five-star character at 70 Wishes. Every five-star character I've gotten has been hit at 70-75 rolls or earlier, so it's unlikely you'll need to actually hit 90 rolls. From here, the event odds start kicking in.

Does miHoYo have anti-cheat? ›

Like most other high-profile online games, miHoYo deploys an anti-cheat program to prevent player abuse like hackers, cheaters, etcetera for Genshin Impact.

Is Genshin a spyware? ›

miHoYo explained that none of the information read by mhyprot2 is processed, saved, uploaded, or any other kind of spyware-like action. miHoYo stated that be it on PC, PS4, or Mobile, mhyprot2 is only used to maintain a fair gaming environment and nothing else.

Can I delete anti-cheat? ›

Click on EAAntiCheat.

If you want to uninstall it for one game choose the game you want to uninstall and Click Uninstall. If you want to uninstall it for all EA games, choose to Uninstall All which will remove all EA anticheat files from your computer, minus the installer.

Can Genshin run at 120 FPS? ›

More devices can now run Genshin Impact at 120fps! Unfortunately, not for PC or other platforms, but on the latest iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Apple devices with 120Hz ProMotion displays, basically.

Is Genshin Impact GPU heavy? ›

Genshin Impact isn't the most demanding game in the world, but you will want a decent GPU if you want to run it on the highest settings.

What is the highest FPS Genshin Impact? ›

To get higher FPS in Genshin Impact, get into the game and open the Paimon Menu. Select Settings > Graphics. Tweak the graphics settings to match the maximum performance of your device's graphics processor.

Which twin is better in Genshin Impact? ›

You might be wondering what the difference is, or what you missed out on by choosing one gender, but the answer is simple: nothing. Aside from aesthetics, there is no difference between each twin. Even the language used for you is ungendered, so it literally just comes down to your personal preference.

What happens if you use your cake in Genshin? ›

Using the cake will create a single Fragile Resin, an item that restores 60 Original Resin. Alongside the Fragile Resin, players will also receive a souvenir item. Another Cake for Traveler goes to the player's inventory, though this one is only a novelty that can't provide more resin.

What happens if you use Cake for Traveler? ›

In Genshin Impact, the Cake for Traveler is an item that is given to the player on the set birthday of the Traveler through the mail. Upon consuming this cake for traveler, it will give you 1 Fragile Resin along with a copy of the cake that can't be used again.

Does soft pity start at 75 or 76? ›

According to some research by Genshin Impact nerds, the soft pity for permanent and event-exclusive characters starts at 74 wishes. With each unsuccessful attempt after this, the chances of getting the 5-star character increase significantly until it hits 100% on the 90th wish.

How many wishes for a guaranteed 5 star? ›

Firstly, the amount of wishes for a guaranteed 5-star weapon is 80 wishes, so slightly less than that of a character. Also, instead of a 50/50 like it is for characters, you have a 75% chance of hitting a featured weapon. If you hit a non-featured weapon, then the next will be guaranteed just like the character banner.

Does Genshin 5050 carry over? ›

The 50/50 carries over as well. For example, if you lose the 50/50 on Klee's banner, your next 5-star character pull is guaranteed to be the featured character, so you'll be able to guarantee Kazuha as long as you have enough wishes.

How old is your character in Genshin Impact? ›

Genshin Impact characters' ages, heights, and birthdays
SaraAround 25July 14
Sayu14/15October 19
Shenhe25/30+March 10
Shinobu16-18July 27
57 more rows

How do you farm Primogems in Genshin? ›

The most dependable way of earning free Primogems is through the Daily Commissions, unlocked once you've reached Adventure Rank 12. You get a total of four Daily Commissions each day. Each mission is usually very quick to complete, with each earning 10 Primogems.

Can friends see your birthday on Genshin? ›

No, this information is only visible to you. *For more information about privacy, see the “Account & Security" section. Was this article helpful?

Is Nahida C6 worth it? ›

She has the ability to deal huge amounts of damage to multiple targets on the field thanks to her elemental skill which can link opponents with each other. Even though she is an S-tier character without any constellations, getting Nahida to C6 takes her DPS potential to the next level.

Is Nahida going to be playable? ›

Nahida is the current Dendro Archon, also known as Lesser Lord Kusanali, and was introduced as a playable character in Genshin Impact version 3.2. As a playable character, she is a catalyst user that can use the power of Dendro.

What is Nahida best F2P weapon? ›

Mappa Mare is the best F2P Forgeable weapon for Nahida in Genshin Impact. It has an Elemental Mastery substat which Nahida really benefits from, and a passive that is easy to stack as long as Nahida triggers an Elemental Reaction.

Who is the old pyro Archon? ›

Murata is the Archon of Pyro and the God of War in Genshin Impact.

Who is the Pyro Archon? ›

Who is the Genshin Impact Pyro Archon? The Pyro Archon is expected to look like Murata Himeko from Honkai Impact 3rd. Murata has the same name as Murata Himeko, one of HoYoverse's most well-known characters from Houkai Gakuen 2 and Honkai Impact 3rd.

Who is the 4th Archon? ›

4 Sumeru. "The God of Wisdom's enemy is Wisdom itself.

Who is the rarest 5 star in Genshin? ›

However, the rarest Genshin Impact characters are those 5-start characters that are not available through general Wishes.
8 Rarest Characters in Genshin Impact Ever Released
  • Klee. Rarity: Rare. ...
  • Tartaglia. Rarity: Rare. ...
  • Zhongli. Rarity: Rare. ...
  • Venti. Rarity: Rare. ...
  • Xiao. Rarity: Rare. ...
  • Albedo. ...
  • Ganyu. ...
  • Hu Tao.
Jul 14, 2022

What is the rarest sword in Genshin? ›

1 Dark Iron Sword

The rarest item in Genshin Impact isn't even a 5-star item, but a 3-star sword called the Dark Iron Sword. Objectively, there cannot be an item rarer than this one that exists in the game; the Dark Iron Sword has a total of one occurrence in the game.

What is the rarest animal in Genshin? ›

Boot Weasel is one of the rarest creatures in Genshin Impact. It can only be found in one spot in Liyue.

How to use Genshin Impact Enhancement progression calculator? ›

Gamers can select any character they want and choose the level and talent level they want to target. Then, players can scroll down to the bottom of the box to select the Total Amount Required and see the total amount of Mora and materials needed to reach the targeted level.

How do you use oz Genshin? ›

For the ability's duration, Oz will continuously attack nearby enemies with Freikugel. Hold to adjust the location Oz will be summoned to. Press again any time during the ability's duration to once again summon him to Fischl's side.

Is there a way to check how many hours you have on Genshin? ›

Whether you're curious to find out how many days you've spent playing or just wish to know how many unlockables you've found, then the Genshin Impact stats tracker will enable you to do just that.

How many hours does it take to 100% Genshin Impact? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Genshin Impact is about 56 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 533 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

How do you get 500 exp on Genshin Impact? ›

The best way to earn Adventure EXP is from completing Quests, such as story quests, event quests, and the Daily Commissions, which unlock at Adventure Rank 12.

What weapon does Cyno use? ›

Cyno is a main DPS using a polearm assisted by the power of his electro vision. He has destructive power during his Pactsworn Pathclearer, which is activated by his elemental burst, and can even extend it with his elemental skill.

What is 80 pity Genshin? ›

HoYo Fest brings Genshin Impact theme cafe to Singapore

“Soft pity” is when you start hitting 70 to 80 pulls. The rate of getting a 5-star increases more and more as you reach 80, and is when you usually get a 5-star character. But if you're unlucky, you hit “hard pity”; which guarantees you a 5-star on your 90th pull.

Is ATK better than flat ATK? ›

The reason that ATK% is so much better than flat ATK is that at high levels, your base attack will be high enough that the percentages of your base attack will beat out the amount of flat attack it is possible to roll! Base attack is Character atk stat + Weapon main atk stat.

How much does $100 get you in Genshin Impact? ›

How Many Pulls Do I Get for 100 Dollars? One pull costs 160 Primogems. For $99.99, you can purchase 6480 Primogems, which equals 40 pulls.

How did Fischl lose her eye? ›

Fischl is not injured as she might lead one to believe by wearing an eyepatch. It seems that she thinks that her eye is a powerful weapon that must not be uncovered. This is the staple trait of a Chunibyo character in anime and serves no actual function for the character.

Who is the 2nd Fatui Harbinger? ›

Capitano, a.k.a. the Captain, is the second-highest-ranking Fatui harbinger behind Pierro.

What does Fischl call Oz? ›

ogg Fischl: Ozzie, my dear familiar... Oz: "Ozzie?" What's gotten into you... Fischl: Her Majesty beseeches you to unfurl your blessèd wings, and with them blot out the heavens, plunging the world into eternal night... Oz: If you didn't bring your parasol with you, that's your own fault, mein Fräulein!

How many Dendroculi are there? ›

While some Dendroculus are easy to spot, others are hidden or locked and only get accessible after completing quests, puzzles or acquiring specific skills. There are a total of 110 Dendroculus in the region as of patch 3.0.

How many chests are in Mondstadt? ›

518 chests are found in the region of Mondstadt; 1 chest count during the Golden Apple Archipelago event in The Winding Homeward Way quest.


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