Interactive Display Market worth to be around USD 79.21 billion by 2030 (2022)

Interactive Display Market worth to be around USD 79.21 billion by 2030 (1)

The Interactive Display' market value in 2021 was USD 35 billion, with a 9.5% CAGR, and is likely to reach USD 79.21 billion by 2030 according to Strategic Market Research.

New York, United States, Aug. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Interactive display refers to a certain type of mounted device which enables the users to elucidate vibrant- visual presentations and effectively controls the on-screen data by means of a digital touchscreen interaction.

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Report Coverage


Forecast Period


Forecast Period 2021 to 2028 CAGR


2030 Value Projection

79.212 Billion

Base Year


Market Size in 2021

USD 35 Billion

Historical Data for


No. of Pages



Cisco Systems Inc,BenQ Corporation, Epson America Inc,Samsung Display Co. Ltd,Google Inc,Crystal Display Systems Ltd,Microsoft Corp,Planar Systems Inc,SMART Technologies,IntuiLab SA,Egan Team board Inc.,Panasonic Corporation,NEC Display Solutions Ltd,LG Display Co. Ltd. View Sonic Corporation

Leading Segment Based on display

Interactive Kiosk

Leading Region

North America

Segments covered

Based on display, By Panel Size, By Panel Type, By Technology, By Application and Based on Region

Growth Drivers

During the projection period, the interactive display market is anticipated to be driven by the hospitality & business sectors swiftly expanding the usage of touchscreen tables and video walls

A steep surge in the usage of interactive screens in the hospitals and corporate sector and a rapid digital transformation in the field of education are propelling the worldwide market growth extensively.

A 360-degree highlight of the Interactive Display Market:

  • Interactive Kiosk segment dominated the entire market with a share percentage of 72.33% for the Display segment.

  • The BFSI sector was regarded as the most dominating segment in the Application sector, with a share of 35.62%.

  • Among Panel sizes, the "32' to 65'" segment dominated with around 41.88% share.

  • For the Technology segment, the LCD sector led the market with almost 31.93% share.

  • Among the regional segments, North America dominated with almost 29.27% of the entire share of the market.

Pertinent driving factors of the Interactive Display Market:

  • A surge in the adoption rate of interactive screens in the retail sectors:

In the retail industry, interactive displays are gradually becoming more significant. Retail applications include POS/Point-of-Sale systems, ATMs, kiosks, and digital signals that use interactive displays. Touchscreen technology is being used by several merchants to draw the customer's attention and grow their businesses. Additionally, these displays improve customer engagement and the purchasing experience hence propelling the market growth.After a thorough research study by SMR, it was revealed that currently, in the USA, there are almost 61,523 businesses with kiosks that use interactive display technologies widely.

  • A significant increase in the usage of Touchscreen Table Functionalities

In the hospitals and corporate sectors, a touchscreen table is used as a menu board to display ingredients, prices, and the time taken for the orders to get placed by the customers. It was also figured out that using the touchscreen tables during business meetings highly improvises the overall level of interactions for both employees and clients, thereby fuelling the market growth.SMR's research study stated that around 55 % of organizations worldwide use video walls and interactive tables during their meetings.

A thorough Segmentation Analysis of the Interactive-Display Market
Based on this, the Global Interactive Display Market is divided into Application, Enterprise, Industry, & Geography.

By Display:

  • Interactive Whiteboard

  • Interactive Video Wall

  • Interactive Monitor

  • Interactive Kiosk

  • Interactive Tables

By Application:

  • Hospitality

  • BFSI

  • Education

  • Retail

  • Transportation

  • Healthcare

  • Entertainment

  • Corporate

  • Others

By Panel-Size:

  • 17 to 32"

  • 32 to 65"

  • 65" and more

By Technology

  • OLED

  • LED

  • LCD

  • Others

By Geography
The North American Region

  • U.S.

  • Canadian Territory

  • Mexico

  • Remaining North American landmass

Asia Pacific

  • New Zealand

  • China

  • Australia

  • Japan

  • Vietnam

  • South Korea

  • India

  • Rest landmass of the Asia-Pacific continent


  • Deutschland/Germany

  • Russian Federation

  • France

  • Poland

  • Italy

  • Sweden

  • United Kingdom

  • Spain

  • Rest of the European Continent

Africa, Middle East, & Africa

  • UAE

  • Kuwait

  • Saudi Arabia

  • South Africa

  • Qatar

  • Algeria

  • Egypt

  • Argentina

  • Nigeria

  • Brazil

  • Remaining part of LAMEA

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Interactive Display Market worth to be around USD 79.21 billion by 2030 (2)

Among the Display segment, the "Interactive Kiosk" continued its dominance covering up to 72.33% of the entire market share.The rise in demand for interactive self-services in transportation, retail, and healthcare sectors is responsible for this segment's expansion. Businesses may be able to provide excellent customer service even during their hectic schedule by using touchscreen-enabled automated teller machines (ATMs), smart vending machines, and other touchscreen-enabled self-services. Additionally, the growing usage of interactive kiosks in the delivery industry has enabled businesses to offer clients customized plans at cheaper delivery rates. A research survey by SMR discovered that a type of interactive kiosk known as a self-ordering kiosk is used widely by several restaurants worldwide. In June 2020, there were nearly 1 35,000 self-ordered kiosks installed globally for the improvement of the dining experience of the customers.
Among the various Applications, the "BFSI" segment led the market with a 35.62% share.This is because of the increasing usage of interactive kiosks and tables along with the rising trends of touchscreen based devices.

The "32-65'" segment led the Panel Size segment with a share of 41.88%,as this panel size is used widely across a variety of sectors worldwide like hospitality, retail, healthcare, Food & Beverages, etc., mainly for the purpose of order customization of the customers.
For the Technology segment,LCD undoubtedly held the most share percentage of the market (almost 31.93%).The continuous decline in the price of the LCD system is the major factor accelerating the segment's growth.SMR's survey figured out that last year a worldwide report on the LCD price declination was broadcasted, which showed that the cost of the LCD television panels decreased by nearly 15% from its average price.
Finally, as per as the regional segment is concerned, North America comprehensively led the market with a share of 29.27% approx.The rise can be ascribed to the significant number of restaurants utilizing interactive/touch-enabled technologies in Canada & U.S, as well as the higher prevalence of touch table solution suppliers. Currently, USA controls a large portion of North America's market. In the USA, touch tables are being widely used in government, business, retail, and education sector.

List of prominent players in the Interactive Display Market:

  • BenQ Corporation

  • Microsoft Corp

  • Cisco Systems

  • Epson America

  • Samsung

  • Google

  • Panasonic

  • NEC Display Solutions

  • Crystal Display Systems

  • Planar Systems

  • SMART Technologies

  • IntuiLab SA

  • Egan Teamboard

  • ViewSonic Corporation

  • LG

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Recent Developments

  • On August 3rd, 2022, SignTouch collaborated with Samsung to develop a brand new interactive-system display platform to introduce a highly advanced digital-technology sales center in the UK for British housebuilders. It will delineate their monthly sales performances, data management, customer experiences, footfall analytics, marketing pros and cons, etc.

  • On July 25th, 2022, at the M&M 2022 Conference, Zeiss Microscopy showcased its brand new interactive display wall. This new display wall has a highly advanced touch-screen display that outlines the variety of methods adopted by researchers worldwide to develop that high-quality product and some key breakthrough technologies in a very detailed manner.

  • On June 27th, 2022, Samsung Electronics launched its highly advanced Flip Pro-Interactive Display to make the learning process more immersive and impactful. It is available in 2 models of 75 inches and 85 inches, respectively. This Interactive-Display system enables the teachers to deliver a better quality of teaching, active learning, and providing a much better outcome of learning for all the students.

Interactive Display Market worth to be around USD 79.21 billion by 2030 (3)

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Interactive Display Market worth to be around USD 79.21 billion by 2030 (4)

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